Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gulbarga-Bidar Districts Local Leaders Review Meeting at Gulbarga

On Wednesday the 10th March 2010 Local Leaders meet for the districts of Gulbarga and Bidar was conducted at Jamaat`s office Shanti Sandesh, Rahmatnagar, Gulbarga under the Presidentship of Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, Nazim e Ilaqa, Gulbarga. The meeting was attended by the Unit Presidents from Gulbarga, Sedam, Yadgir(Gulbarga Dist), Bidar, Basavakalyan, Bhalki(Bidar Dist) and the Unit Organisers from Kurikota, Chitapur, Timmapur, Chincholi(Gulbarga Dist), Humnabad, Kamthana, Bhatamra and Mathala(Bidar Dist).

The meeting reviewed the organisational matters like Conducting of weekly programmes, Review meeting for Members, maintenance of Baitul maal, conducting of programmes acoording to local two year plan, reporting sysytem. The Jamaats like Gulbarga and Bidar wewe found to be progressing according to thier local two year pregramme. Many activities are being undertaken in these units. Most of the programmes found to be well organised. Conduction of monthly review meeting for Arkan in Gulbarga by giving agenda for discussion well in advance was appreciated. In some of the smaller units weekly programmes are not being conducted. The Instuctions were given by the Nazim e Ilaqa to units whose purformance was not to expectation so that in the comming days they can improve thier performance.

The Nazim e Ilaqa explained about the up comming Gram Panchayat elections where in Jamaat is fielding its candidates in some of the wards like in the villages of Yalwar and Kurikota. He explained the things to be done to guide the voters in the other villages where Jamaat is not directly involved in election so the right kind of people are elected to serve the people.

Nazim e Ilaqa also explained about the political situation in the state following the publication of blasphemous article (translated version of Tasleema Nasreens article) in Kannada Prabha on 28.02.2010 in which The Prophet PBUH and his wives (R) were presented in a way which saddens the faithful. The artcle was against the purda. Jb Yousuf Kanni explained the Jamaat`s efforts in taking the Muslim leadership to Chief Minister, Governor and the Editor of the concerned paper and how these efforts were succeeded. He also expalined about the afforts by Jamaat in maintaing peace in the state in general and Shimoga and Hassan in particular.

Among other things the Articl 371 which has been the burning topic in northern Karnataka since past few days, was also discussed and decided to form a Study Committee under the Chairmanship of Jb Abdul Quddusm Chincholi to study the article 371 in detail, efforts made by different organisation so far, give openion about jamaat taking this issue bases on its basic policy. The committe was asked to submit its report by 15.03.2010.