Thursday, July 31, 2014

Many Such programs to be organized for Character building: Dy SP Uday Kumar

Iftaar Party for Police Department officials

Religions are ment to guide humanity. These were the words expressed by Mr D.T.Prabhu Police Inspector in an Iftaar Party organized by JIH Gulbarga on Wednesday the 16th July 2014 for the staff of the police Department at Hidayath Center Gulbarga. He called upon the participants turn towards nature, where we find peace and hormony. He said he feels one should have freedom to choose his religion, though we have guaranteed in Constitutuion to accept the religio of choice, but the society is not ready to accept it. He said there are so many who change their life through Ramazan but many remain as were before, that means he feels the Ramazan has not permeated in them.

Mr Mohammed Ziaullah spoke on the importance of fasting in Ramazan in the present scinario where in the nation is faced with challenges of curruption and moral degradation as a result scores of women are becoming the vicitims of lust. He said the Roza brings in control over the whims and wishes of the inner self due to the creation of awareness of existance of Allah the almighty, the creator of the earth and heavens (sky). He also spoke about the Quran the book of guidance from the Almghty to humanity and called upon to read it once as it is the guidance for you from your creator.

The program was started with the recitation of Quran woth Kannada translation. It was attended by Mr Uday Kumar Deputy SP, Kulkarni, Inspoector, Mr K.M.Satish, Inspector, Mr M Narayanappa Circle Inspector,  Mr Nigappa Pujari, Sub Inspector, Mr Prabhu Dudhni Traffic Inspector, Welknwon personality Mr Wahaj Baba president Tameer e Millat, Mr Zakir Hussain President JIH Gulbarga and the poilce officials from four police stations of Gulbarga

They were presented with Kannada Quran and other Islamic literature.

They lauded the effort. Mr Uday Kumar Deputy SP requested the organizers to oragnize such programs regularly, and they will bring the people from police department.

JIH effords to bring communal hormony are commendable: Vasanth Kushhtgi

Iftaar Party at Sri Saiprasad College Gulbarga
An iftaar party was otganized for thestaff and students of Sri Saiprasad College in Gulbarga on Wdnesday the 9th July 2014 at the college premises. Mohammed Abdul Qadir, Member JIH Gulbarga spoke on the importance of Ramzan and the basic concepts of Islam viz Unity of God, Prophethood and the Life here after in Kannada.

Mr Vasanth Kushtgi, senior welknown Kannada writer from Gulbarga was the chief geust. He spoke on the efforts of JIH towards building communal hormony in the society. He gave the specific reference of the contribution of Shanti Prakashana in this direction. He lauded the efforts and called to support such efforts by JIH and Shanti Prakashana.

The Holy Quran in Kannada and other Kannada literature was distributed to the guests and the participants.
Mr B.G.Chakrwarti a Social worker, whos the instrumental in organizing this program and M.Singraj, Editor Hi Gulbarga, Mr Devendra M Rajapur, Lecturer of the college, Mr Basanna Singhe Advocate Jb Zakir Hussain President JIH Gulbarga were present along with the Teaching & non Teaching staff of the college and huge number of students bith boys and girls.