Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Karnataka Members meet at Bagalkote

The Two day Members meet of the Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka & Goa is being organised at Bagalakote from 26th to 27th June, 2010. Jamaat e Islami Hind`s National leaders like Ameer e Jamaat Moulana Jalaaluddin Umri, Nayab Ameer e Jamaat Janab Mohammaed Jaffar and Secretary General Janab Nusrat Ali apart from Zonal leader Jb Mohammed Abdullah Javid, President, Jb Atharullah Sharief, Secreatary, Janab S.Ameenulhasan, CAC Meber are expected to address the members. Over 550 member from the state of Karnataka and Goa are expected to attend the two day conference. All the members from Gulbarga except those suffering from illness are reaching Bagalkote on Friday on the eve of the programme.

6 day Tarbiyati Pgrogramme for General Women at 8 places in Gulbarga

Six day tarbiyati(training) programmes for ladies organized at 8 places in Gulbarga
The women wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga organized six day training programme (Tarbiyati ijtema`at) for ladies in Gulbarga at Eight places. They are
1. Hussain Garden at Mrs Fatima Begum Jahagirdar`s house from 24.05.2010 to 29.05.2010 (Organiser: Mrs Fatima Begum)
2. Khaja Colony at City School from 24.05.2010 to 29.05.2010 ( Organiser : Mrs Asra Kausar)
3. Mominpura at Deeniya Madarsam Khooni Alawa from 31.05.2010 to 05.06.2010 ( Organiser : Mrs Surayya Shaheen)
4. Yadullah Colony at Mrs Shahna Suhail`s house from 31.05.2010 to 05.06.2010 ( Organiser : Mrs Shahna Suhail)
5. Vidya nagar at Mrs Rafat Sultana`s house from 07.06.2010 to 12.06.2010 (Organiser : Mrs Shameem Begum)
6. Rahmat nagar at Mrs Akhtar Sultana`s house from 14.06.2010 to 19.06.2010 ( Organiser : Mrs Akhtar Sultana)
7. Aiwan e Shahi at Mrs Rakhshanda Kokab`s house from 14.06.2010 to 19.06.2010 ( Organiser : Mrs Rakshanda Kokab)
8. Seerat Colony ( Godutai nagar) at Mrs Tasneem Fatima`s house from 21.06.2010 to 26.06.2010 ( under progress) (Organiser : Mrs Tasneem Fatima)

During these programmes
Quran Lesson ( Daras e Quran) on topics
1. Tawheed(Uinty of God),
2. Risaalat(Prophethood),
3. Aakhirat(Life after death),
4. Parde ke Ehkam ( Rulings of Hijab),
5. Akhlaqi burayiyan (Bad characters),
6. Misali momina ( Ideal muslim woman)
were preached different days.
Daras e Hadees on toics
1. Namaz ki Ahmiyat (Impotance od Namaaz “salath”)
2. Huqooq ul Ibad (Rights of feloow beings)
3. Biwi ke farayez (Duties of wives)
4. Aulad ki tarbiyat (Training children)
5. Zuban ki Hifazat (Saving the tongue from its ill-effects)
6. Fikr e Akhirat (Thinking of the life here after)

Speeches on these subjects were delivered:
1. Misali Mayen (Ideal mothers)
2. Paki o Safayi (Cleanliness)
3. Hamal, Viladat o Raza`at (Pregnency, Delivery & breast feeding)
4. Apne ghar ko misali ghar kaise banayen( How to make our house an ideal house)
5. Ham shirk o bidat se kaise bachen ( How to safeguard ourself from Shirk & bidah)
6. Hama Maqsad e Zindagi (What for is Our Life)

Fiqa related issues discussed on these topics
1. Wadhu ke farayez
2. Namaaz ke Farayez
3. Ghusaul ke farayez
4. Haiz ke masayel aur Istehaza
5. Maiyyat ka ghusaul
6. Hudood e satar, Mahram kaon, iddat ke masayel
Sisters including Arkan (Members) and Karkunan( Workers) of Jamaat took all their efforts to present these topics to general women public in their best possible ways. They also took the help of Women Ulema to talk on women related issues concerning fiqa. As a result a huge number of women which normally use to consist of both well educated as well as uneducated were attended with all eagerness.