Monday, June 17, 2013

Symposium on "Let us make our Homes Islamic" at Gulbarga

The West presents the Muslim Personal Law as an out dated system which does not meet the modern day requirements. Therefore it is emphasizing upon abolishing this law from the Muslim Society. It succeeded in Algeria where in the Muslim Personal Law has been interfered by introducing laws which give men & women equal status in family which challenges the authority of men as House Leader, and by make men to seek permission from the wife for a second marriage and go through the legal procedure said S. Ameen ul Hassan while presiding over a Symposium organized by JIH Gulbarga as part of the 15 day “Let us make our homes Islamic” at Mohammadi Function Hall on Sunday.
Quoting the findings of the survey conducted in the west he said, for the consolidation of the family it is must to make women free from the burden of earning by making men responsible for financial requirement. And those children go astray early where both parents do not stay at home.   Quoting the book written by an Ex American President he said, though America has seen development in all fields of innovations but its society is degenerating due to increasing number of broken families.
 S.Ameen ul Hasan said, a Survey conducted in Bangalore among the Muslims under poverty & slums revealed that more than 90% of the women were not aware of their rights as given in Islam. As a result they are becoming the victims of exploitation. Therefore it is the need of the hour to bring in awareness among the Muslim community of the gracious Islamic Family system.
He called upon the muslim community to
    1.       Every city should have a Mosque council to formulate regulations, guide & monitor them in matters of family affairs, like marriage rituals etc.
    2.       Short length speeches from Ulema on different topics on Islam are video recorded and uploaded to You Tube for the benefit of the younger generation who are more accessed to the net.
    3.       Establish Pre Marriage Counseling centers where in all the young men & women are trained in different aspect of family life before marriage.
     4.       Most of the Family matters may be settled based on adjustments.
     5.       Address the issue of girls’ marriages as any delay leads to finding wrong path by them.
     6.       Address the issue of Talaq & distribution of Property as per Islamic Law(Virasat)

      Presenting the Paper on the” Islamic Family Law” Jb Mohammed Hussain, Chief Qazi of the City & President All India Dar ul Qazat Karnataka Zone, explained about Nikah, Talaq, Qula, Distribution of property, Maintenance, Gifts & awards, rituals of Eid & Qurbani, Rituals etc.
     Speaking on “ Issues before the Muslim Society” Advocate Abdul Qadeer, said the pupil coming out of the Morning Arabic Classes, where only Arabic reading, memorizing invocations & verses of Quran are tought, are becoming good Doctors & Engineers but unable to become Good Muslims. The Communinty is completely unaware of the Islamic law about Talaq, distribution of wealth (virasat), Hiba(donations), will, rights of husband & wife etc. He said the community in its effort to upgrade its living standard, alliances are being made with highly qualified, good earning girls resulting in misunderstanding and non adjustment among the new couple resulting in breakages of marriages.
      Moulana Jameel Ahmed Siddique, graduate from Jamia Nizamia & Teacher at Dar ul uloom Dargah Hazart Gesudaraz(R) while speaking on “Negligence towards Islamic Family teachings” called upon the community to make marriages simple by limiting the number of invitees, not insisting to invite people from far off places, organizing Nikah at mosques, celebrate the event  by the music on Duff, and preaching the new couple of the rights & duties.

      Seaking on “How Islamic Family Laws Implimentable” Moulana Abdul Waeed Rashadi, Khateeb & Imam of Station Bazar Mosque said by making women to here to the Nikah Sermons along with Men with suitable arrangements, conducting Mohallah Programs for Women and imparting the values & teaching of Islamic Family, by promoting the book on Islamic Laws published by AIMPLB especially among the lawyers we can convey the message to the masses in the community.

      The program was started with the recitation of Quranic verses by Dr Mohammed Salauddin. Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni delivered the inaugural address.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Islamic Family Campaign in Gulbarga

Let us Form an Islamic Home
A Sate wide 15 days Campaign
Programs in Gulbarga

1.  Introductory Program, on Sunday the 9th June, 2013
From 11.00am to 01.30pm, At Shanti Sandesh, Rahamatnagar
For Associates of JIH (Members, Workers, Well Wishers of JIH, Associates of SIO & GIO)
2.  Meet the Urdu Media on Wednesday the 12th June, 2013
3.  Extension Lectures On topic “ Happy Faimly”
on Saturday & Sunday the 15 & 16th June 2013
By Jamaat e Islami Hind`s Young Leader, Islamic Scholar &
Member, Central Advisory Council, JIH
Jb S. Ameen ul Hasan, Bangalore
From 7.30pm to 9.15pm on both days.
At Mohammadi Function Hall, STBT, Gulbarga
4.  Synposium on topic “ Let us Form Islamic Home”
On Sunday 16th June 2013, From 11.00am to 01.30pm
At Mohammadi Function Hall, STBT, Gulbarga
The Honorable Local Ulema from different sects have been invited to address the symposium
Presided by  Jb S. Ameen ul Hasan, Bangalore
Member, Central Advisory Council, JIH
5.  Tea Parties for Men:
Tea Parties at about 48 places all over the city have been planned in which members from the community are expected to attend.
6.  Tea Parties for Women:
Similarly tea parties are planned for Women by women
7.  Juma Sermons:
Khutba e Juma are planned at about 14 Mosques in the city addressed by Jamaat Members with the consent of  Mosque management

8.  Family Meets at One Dish Party
The Jamaat Associates will organize a One Dish Party for their relatives, friends and neighbors at their home and convey the message of Islamic Family
9.  Concluding Program:

On 30th June 2013, to review the Campaign and chalk out the follow up program