Monday, April 3, 2017

Program at Kalaburagi Basava Samiti

All the human beings are the creations of the Almighty so also the earth and heavens and all the creations in the universe. It is the Almighty God, who has not only created them; he is also the nourisher and sustainer of them. Hence the one who is responsible for our lives and who feeds us should be worshiped and obeyed. These were the words expressed by Jb Zakir Huassain, President Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga while delivering the presidential address at a Program organized by Kalabaragi Basava Samiti on Sunday the 2nd April 2017 at Dr B.D. Jatti Vacha Study and Research Center, Anubhava Mantapa, Jayanagar, Kalaburagi.

He said, the creator has created and distributed all the human beings based on colour, race, tribe, and language, just to differentiate among our self but not to fight among themselves based on these differences. The one with best of character is the best in the sight of Alamighty.  He said, we should abstain from killing one another as Quran says, killing an innocent is like killing whole of humanity and saving a person is like saving the humanity.

He called upon the people to inculcate values and be the servants of downtrodden, orphans, and poor. He said referring to Prophet Muhammed pbum’s sayings, he cannot be a Muslim, should he sleeps with full meals while his neighbor is hungry. Similarly, Prophet said, putting the hand of mercy and love on an orphan’s head will relieve you of sins equivalent to the number of hairs present on orphans head.

Expressing anguish over the prevailing situation in the country, where the drinking liquor has become so common that the Governments are issuing License to the ill doers. He called people to raise voice to free the country from liquor.

While speaking on the teachings of Islam, he said, Islam calls for the belief in the unity of God and that we are resurrected for accounting for the deeds in this world. These are the universal teachings of all the divine religions. So also the teachings of the last Prophet Muhammed pbum.

Earlier Mr Ramazan Darga, a well known scholar and senior journalist spoke on “Sufi, Sharana, Guru, Qadri Peer”. Shri Siddeshwar Veerappa Anantpur and Dr Vilasvati Khuba President, Basav Samiti were present on the dias.