Friday, January 24, 2014

Majlis ul Ulama Program in Gulbarga

Be United to Establish Rule of Almighty

When the communism at the helm of affairs world thought that the era of religious rule has ended and it will never come into existence. But the overt throwing of Russian administration in Afghanistan, Shah of Iran by the Religious people, world came to know that the role of religion the state of affairs cannot be denied and it especially true with Islam. These were the words expressed by Moulana Ahmed Siraj, President Jamiyat e Ulama e Hind, Hubli while addressing the gathering of men and women Ulama on Sunday the 19th Jan 2014 at Faraan College Auditorium in Gulbarga. The program was organized by local unit of Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga. He said it is because of this every effort has been made in the world that no land is made free to Islam to rule so that the world never come to know the truth about Islam.  He said due to the impact of these external forces the Umma is upset and the religious people and its leadership has been made the target. He called upon the Ulama the religious heads to bring the umma out of this shock & impact and bring in the confidence in them that with the Islamic politics only we can change the world as Islam believes in the fact that if it is no religion in politics there will be chaws.

Speaking on the internal factors affecting the  muslim community, he said it was its duty to spread & establish the righteousness in the state, instead it has lost the very spirit and confidence to act that way. Under the circumstances it is the duty of Ulama he said to uplift the morality of Umma and bring in the confidence in them and enlighten them the greart role they are suppose to play in the world as Khair Umma (Best of Communities). Commenting on the existing education policies, he said this policy is moving the people away from religion. Unless ther is no change in policy he feared the evil from the society cannot be eradicated.

Speaking on the topic “ Changing Scenario & the Role of Descendents of Prophets”  Moulana Javid Alam Qasmi, Khateeb & Imam of Jamia Masjid Mahbus said, in the todays modern advanced era no issue remain as local as within no time it gets spread throughout the world. Islam is the religion which has solution to all the problems faced by the humanity. Unfortunately he said Umma is unaware of the great role of reforming the world and giving solutions to the problems faced by the humanity in the light of Islamic teaching. It has restricted itself to offering Namaz & fasting etc.

Speaking on the same topic Moulana Vasiullah Rahmani, Khateeb & Imam Masjid Aiwan e Shahi said the religious intolerance is being spread all over the world and every effort is made to subjugate Islam. Under these circumstances it is the duty of Umma and its religious leadership to play its role. He said the Umma is like military to eradicate evil and the Ulama(religious leaders) are like commanders.

Delivering the presidential address Moulana Waheeduddin Khan, Chief Organizer, Majlis ul Ulama Tahreek e Islami Hind Karnataka said that the whole of Umma is an unbreakable unit and is like a body. Every member of it he said is bound in brotherhood. Unfortunately things are not as expected. It is divided on petty issues which do not have any significance in Islam. He  said there will be difference between different schools of thought, but for the establishment of rule of Almighty, as is its prime duty, they are to be united. For this he called upon the Ulama to attach the umma with Quran & its teaching and preach them about their duty.

The program was started with the recitation of Quran by Student of Nadwatul Ulama Lukhnow, Master Hafiz Shoieb Ahmed. Jb Zakir Hussain, President Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga welcomed the gathering while delivering the inaugural address. Mohammed Yousuf Khan, anchored the program Men & women ulama were present

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seerath Program

A person cannot become a true Muslim (Momin) unless he loves the way of life (Deen) brought by Prophet Muhammed PBUH and dominates all other forms of love one is engaged whether it is the love for parents, wives, children etc. These were the thoughts expressed by Moulana Ahmed Siraj, President Jamiyat ul Ulama e Hind, Hubli while addressing the huge gathering of men & women on Saturday the 18th January at Faraan College ground in a Seerath program organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga. One loves someone based on his supremacy, beauty & contributions. We find all these attributes in the life of Prophet Muhammed PBUH in abundance, and thus it quite natural that we love him the most. The Prophet, was graced wioth the highest character one can have. The character of a person can best be judged by his wife, his friend & the his servant. We find in the case of Prophet Muhammed PBUH, when he declaed his prophethood, his wife Hazart Khadiaj (R), his friend Hazart Abu Bakr (R) and his servant Hazrat Zaid bin Harris were the first one to emulate Islam without any hesitation & second thought.

Moulan Ahmed Siraj called upon the people to develop a strong love for the Prophet pbuh. Love for someone can be judged he said based on 3 factors.   Words, sacrifice and emulation. As far as words is concerned, it is just enough for a person to accept the words when they are said to be from Prophet. He said we should sacrifice everything for the commandments of the prophet and emulate all the teachings of Prophet into our every walk of life without giving a second thought over them

Presiding over the Function, Moulana Waheeduddin Khan, Chief Organizer, Majlis ul Ulama Tahreek e Islami Hind Karnataka, said the Deen (the way of life) brought out by Prophet Muhammed PBUH covers all the departments of our life, whether it is individual aspect or collective, social, economical, cultural, political, war & peace. He said, the personality of Prophet was such that we find no other personality in the history of mankind and shall not find one in future. The true message of Prophet he said was to relieve mankind from all kinds of bonds & bring them to the bond of obedience to Almighty only.  He called upon the people not to take the personality of the Prophet to all kind of extremities.

Addressing the gathering as the chief guest Moulana Abdul Wahid Rashadi, Khateeb & Imam of Masjid Station Bazar, spoke about the importance of supplications in the light of life of Prophet Muahmmed PBUH and how the Prophet tought us to be attached with the Almighty with supplications in every act of day to day life.

Moulana Abdul Quddus Baqavi, Khateeb & Imam, Masjid Sadar Mohalla, called upon the people to come out ignorance. The state of their ignorance is cause of downfall of umma he said. The earlier Muslims were never ignorant of the attachment with Allah while whether doing business or farmer doing his farming activities. Therfore he said, we should turn back to our deen. Quoting the example of Hazrat Umar, a person can be judged on three occations. One when he is our neighbor, second when we are companion for three days while travelling & the third when we do transactions with him. Therefore he called to emulate the teachings of Prophet Muahmmed PBUM

The program was started with the Recitation of Quranic verses by Hafiz Aejaz Ahmed. Jb Zakir Hussain, President Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga delivered Inaugural address. Jb Mohammed Mazharuddin anchored the program

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Personality Development" program at Shahabad`s Veerabhadreshwar Mandir

 A program on "Personality Development" was organized by Karanataka Vachana Sahitya Acadamy Shahabad on Sunday 05.01.2014 at Shri Veerabhadreshwar Mandir. Jb Mohammed Ziaullah spoke on the topic. Shri Mallappa Valsinghe, preisdent of local unit of the Acadamy preisded. Shrishile Belamgi, Saibanna, Mohammed Ali Khan Jamadar, Abdul Waheed, President JIH Shahabad were also present

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Conference in Gulbarga on "Women: The Architect of Humanity"

By Practicing Islam,
Women can become the Architect of Humanity:
Mrs Sajidunnisa Begum

Restricting herself to the limits prescribed by the Almighty and nourishing her children, serving her husband, women can enlighten her future and by leading a purposeful life by becoming a better mother, better wife, better sister & better daughter she can play her role. These were the words told by Mrs. Sajidunnisa Begum, State Organizer, Women`s Wing, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka while presiding over the city conference organized by JIH Gulbarga on last Sunday at Faraan College. Addressing the huge gathering of over 3000 women on the theme “Women: The Architect of Humanity” she said, when the peace & harmony has vanished throughout the world, virtues have lost, evil has dominated, the Muslim women whose responsibility was to establish values in the society, her adoption of modern & western culture has lead to the formation of society in which nudity is being promoted & modesty of the women has lost. When the house wives are glued to their TV sets where in nudity and immorality are being telecasted, will affect not only their personality but their children will also be affected physically, mentally & morally. Whereas Islam has taught that seeing & hearing of immoral things is a sin (Zina). Under these circumstances, a Muslim Women who is part of the Khair e Umma (best community brought up to spread good & eradicate evil from the society), whose responsibility is to give shahada ( witness to mankind), should become a practicing Muslim following all the teachings of Islam in all spheres of her life. By doing this she not only develops her personality according to the will of the Almighty but also play an important role in formation of Heavenly homes & betterment of society. Mrs Sajidunnisa called upon the women to be the best wives as Prophet said that the best thing one can have is the best wife, and similarly they should become best mothers as it is their feet lies the Heaven (Jannah).

Quranic Discourse:
Mrs Asra Kausar
The program was started with the Quranic Discourse of Mrs Asra Kausar. Women`s Organizer, JIH, Khaja Colony, delivering the teachings based on the Chapter AL Tahreem, she presented the case study of two women as enshrined in Quran, that just because they were disobedient to their husbands and disloyal to their community by passing on the secrets to the opponents, they were punished not only in this world but also in the hereafter by the Almighty though they were the wives of the Prophets. On the other hand The Holy Quran describes the life of Hazarat Aasiya who lead the pious life was rewarded though she was the wife of the disbeliever Firoh.

Islamic Teachings on Marriage & other rituals:
Mrs Tasneem Fatima
Speaking on the topic “Islamic guidelines for marriage & other rituals” Mrs Tasneem Fatima, Women`s Organizer, JIH, Seerath Colony,  called upon the women to adhere to the Islamic Principals in marriage as they are the most simple one can think of. She said Prophet PBUH said to simplify Nikah. But now a day it has become so difficult while the Zina (developing sexual relationship with other women) has become so simple. She said there are no such things like birth days, wedding anniversaries in Islam, and the Muslim women should forgo them.

Modern Feminine Issues & their solution:
Mrs Akhtar Sultana
Speaking upon the Feminine Issues faced by a Modern women, Mrs Akhtar Sultana, Women`s Organizer, JIH, Rahmath Nagar, Illicit relationship, family disputes, misunderstanding between husband & wives, emulation of western & nude culture, selection of wrong companion, deprivation of women in the property left by the parents etc are the issues faced by the women. She called upon the society to adhere to the Islamic Principals in this regard.

Issues before the modern society & their Solution:
Mrs Kausar Fatima
Mrs. Kausar Fatima, Women`s Organizer, JIH, Gulbarga City, while speaking on the topic “Issues before the modern Society & their Solution” said, Immorality, education system based on materialism, imbalance economy, impact of western culture, fascism, communalism, materialism are the issues faced by the modern society. Only by adopting the Islamic principals in all spheres of life can solve all the problems faced by the humanity in general and women in particular.
Mrs. Sirajunnisa Begum, Dist Organizer, Women’s Wing, Gulbarga Dist delivered the inaugural address and welcomed the gathering. She also took oath from the participating women that they would try to follow Islamic teachings in their individual as well as family & social levels.
The students from Girls Islamic Organization presented a Play on the central theme. And they also presented an Islamic Song.

Miss Rabia Khanum read the resolutions and took ratification from the women present.

Vote of Thanks:
Mrs Nasreen Beum, Organizer of the conference, conveyed vote of thanks.

Dr Nasiha Tabassum anchored the program.


About three thousand women attended the conference.