Saturday, August 2, 2014

Iftaar Party for Education Department

Religions preach Universal Brotherhood, one has to follow their teachings

An Iftaar Party was organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga for the Department of Public Instruction on Friday the 25th July 2014 at Hidayath Center.

Mr Radhakrishna, Commissioner, Dept of Public Instruction, Gulbarga spoke on importance of relegion  in our life and said that region mould the personality. All the relegions preach Universal Brotherhood. Islam which preaches the Unity of God, and the Concept of Oneness of God embedded in the very teachings of Islam. He said there is only one god who is eternal, who is creator, nourish-er, sustain-er, and the things belongs to him and everything occurs according to the wishes and whims of the creator. He called upon the participants to understand its teachings.

The Program was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and its Kannada translation by Mr Zulfiqar Ali. Mr Gulam Mustafa delivered well come address.

Mr Mohammed Ziaullah spoke on the impartance of Ramazan, Islam, The Holy Quran in detail in present context and said the problems faced by the nation could be solved by the preachings of the Quran, which the book revealed by the Alimighty, who is the creator of all the human beings, for the guidance of humanity.

The Holy Quran and other Kannada Islamic literature was distributed to the participants.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Islam gives the Message of Universal Brotherhood

Iftaar Party at Amba Bai Temple Vidyanagar in Gulbarga

JIH Gulbarga organized an Iftaar Party for Non Muslim Brothers and sister at Amba Bai emple located in Vidyanagar of Gulbarga on Sunday the 20th July 2014. 

 Speaking on the occasion Mr Zulfiqar Ali called upon the people to know your lord, who is the creator, nourish-er and sustain-er of the Universe and the humanity. Only by knowing him one can lead a successful life. He said our main aim is to please the creator. That way we can attain peace I our life as well as in society.

The program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Syed Nustrat Ali

The Program was attended by men and women. Local Leader Sharnappa, Mandir Trustee Bhanu Pratap, Rtd Principal Hiremath, Advocate Anwar Patel were instrumental in organizing this program

The Kannada version of Holy Quran and other Kannada literature was distributed.

To be Successful one should know the creator & lead a lious life

Iftaar Party at Manikeshwari Temple in Laalgiri Gulbarga

In a pluralistic society like ours, an iftaar party organized in a temple will spread the message of hormoany in the society and with such programs the misuderstanings between the communities could be removed. These were the words delivered by Mr Mohammed Ziaullah in an iftaar Party prganized by JIH Gulbarga on Thursday the 17th July 2014 at Laalgiri’s Manikeshwari Temple. He alos spoke on the importance of Ramazan and the revelation of the holy Quran in this month and its universal message.

Mr Revansiddayya Swamy Math, a senrior Kannada writer addressing the gathering told that the very meaning of Islam is peace. And the one who leads the life accrding to the commandments of Allah is successful.

Another guest Mr Tippannappa Kumkur, said my happiness has no bounds when I saw the Quran in Kannada, for which I was searching for years. He promised that now his only work is to read Quran

The Program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mr Baba Saheb Hundekar. The Kannada version of the Holy Quran were distributed among the guests and the participants.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Many Such programs to be organized for Character building: Dy SP Uday Kumar

Iftaar Party for Police Department officials

Religions are ment to guide humanity. These were the words expressed by Mr D.T.Prabhu Police Inspector in an Iftaar Party organized by JIH Gulbarga on Wednesday the 16th July 2014 for the staff of the police Department at Hidayath Center Gulbarga. He called upon the participants turn towards nature, where we find peace and hormony. He said he feels one should have freedom to choose his religion, though we have guaranteed in Constitutuion to accept the religio of choice, but the society is not ready to accept it. He said there are so many who change their life through Ramazan but many remain as were before, that means he feels the Ramazan has not permeated in them.

Mr Mohammed Ziaullah spoke on the importance of fasting in Ramazan in the present scinario where in the nation is faced with challenges of curruption and moral degradation as a result scores of women are becoming the vicitims of lust. He said the Roza brings in control over the whims and wishes of the inner self due to the creation of awareness of existance of Allah the almighty, the creator of the earth and heavens (sky). He also spoke about the Quran the book of guidance from the Almghty to humanity and called upon to read it once as it is the guidance for you from your creator.

The program was started with the recitation of Quran woth Kannada translation. It was attended by Mr Uday Kumar Deputy SP, Kulkarni, Inspoector, Mr K.M.Satish, Inspector, Mr M Narayanappa Circle Inspector,  Mr Nigappa Pujari, Sub Inspector, Mr Prabhu Dudhni Traffic Inspector, Welknwon personality Mr Wahaj Baba president Tameer e Millat, Mr Zakir Hussain President JIH Gulbarga and the poilce officials from four police stations of Gulbarga

They were presented with Kannada Quran and other Islamic literature.

They lauded the effort. Mr Uday Kumar Deputy SP requested the organizers to oragnize such programs regularly, and they will bring the people from police department.