Monday, December 26, 2011

Mohammed Zaheeruddin elected Gulbarga Regional SIO President

Br Mohammed Zaheeruddin, a Final year Mechanical Engineering student from KBN Engineering College Gulbarga has been elected The Regional President of SIO Gulbarga Region in an election held on Sunday the 25th December 2011 in Gulbarga. The Gulbarga Region comprises the districts of Bidar, Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Bijaur and Bagalkote. The SIO members from the region comprise the electoral body. The election were held under the supervision of Jb Tahir Hussain, Joint Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka and Br Mohammed Ashfaque, Secretary SIO Karnataka Zone.

Br Mohammed Zaheeruddin from a hmble back ground hails from Laal giri in Gulbarga. The eldest son of  PA to Tahsiladr (Rtd) Jb Mohammed Baqar, dropped his education after 8th standard due to lack of interest while studying in Government School to work in garages. He developed skills in hydraulic works and  was cynosure of all in the field at that age. When he came in contact with members and associates of SIO and he was motivated to continue his education, he pursued his acadamic carrier and appeared for SSLC examination. He then completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering the field he was interested. After completing Diploma in 2008 he Joined KBN Engineering College after getting selected in the Entrance Examinations.

He Joined SIO during this period, learnt the organization well with reading literature and in companionship of senior members of SIO. Became its member and shoulder the responsibility of Unit President in 2008, City President in 2009 to look after the 5 units which comprises city format, and later in the year 2011 he was made the District Organizer of Gulbarga.

Known for his Hard Work, though not prolific speaker, has the capability to motivate the young and the children to join religious classes and introduces them about the organization he belongs. He has great organizational capacity.

He has three brothers and four sisters at home along with his parents. Being the eldest son of the family he could influence over them with his knowledge, piety and Islamic spirit to bring them towards the right path free from all Bida. He is a cynosure of the community in the area where he lives, influencing the youth in a such way that they are not only abstaining from the wrong or bad habits, but are also joining the  organization in large numbers.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Follow Religion to Eradicate Corruption

Greed is the main reason behind rising incidents of corruption and the only way to eradicate it is turning towards the teachings of religion. These were the words expressed by Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni while presiding over the symposium organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on Sunday the 18th December 2011 at Rangmandir, Gulbarga. He said, our elders strived to make us independent from the British to liberate the citizens from the menace of corruption. In fact our first Prime Minister in his first address to the nation expressed the need to remove corruption and to eradicate it one has to punish the guilty by hanging on the electric pole. Unfortunately even after so many years we see no such punishment given to anybody. He said though ours is a religious country consisting of over 3lakh mosques, 25lakh temples, and many more other places of worship, the country is faced with numerable evils. The reason behind all these we have forgotten the teachings of religions and are not obeying them.

Shri B.H.Bajantri, Practicing Advocate and Principal (Rtd), Milind PU College, was worried with the increasing incidents of corruption which has engulfed all fields of human activity. To eradicate it we have to properly educate people and the younger and develop cultured manners. And make people aware of law and its punishments for crime.

Mr Maheshwar Gouda, Inspector, Karnataka Lokayukta, Gulbarga called upon people to utilize the Right to Information Act to eradicate corruption. 

Jb Mohammed Ishaq, Chartered Accountant and Vice President of JIH Mangalore speaking in flourishing Kannada  said the very people enact law and implement it are involved in different modes of corruption. The human beings have lost values. To eradicate all sorts of evils including corruption from our society everyone has to know his position in this world. One has to ask himself, who is he, from where has he come, what is the purpose life, who is his creator, what is his relation with his creator etc.

Sajjada Nasheen of Darga Hazrat Murtuza Qadri, Hanumsagar, Baglakote Dist called upon the people to fear God. He expressed his deep regrets for the fact that the very educated and cultured people are involved in corruption. He said it has become a way of life today. It looks that our elected corrupt representatives are making statements that imagine about our people who have elected us. He said it is time that one should understand his religion and obey its commandments. He said all these evils have entered in different field of human relations when we separated religion from politics.

Dr Basavaraj Kumnoor, Principal, Dr Ambedkar Arts and Commerce College, Gulbarga explained the definition of corruption with number of examples and modus of operandi involved in it. He also said that the main reasons for all sorts of evil are the deviation from the path of religion. One has to commit himself that he earns his livelihood with hard work.

The program started with the recitation of Quranic verses by Syed Shah Gouse Qadri, President SIO(South) and its Urdu and Kannada translation. 

Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH, Gulbarga delivering the inaugural address introduced the topic of discussion and different activities undertaken by Jamaat in the city during the campaign. Jb Zulfiqar Ali, convened the program.

Huge number of people from different walks of life attended program. Many of the audience appreciated the efforts of Jamaat in organizing such programs. Though some of the speakers spoke in Urdu, the audiences listened them quietly.   

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Motor Rally in Gulbarga

As part of the campaign ‘Towards Evil Free Society” a Motor Rally was organized in Gulbarga on Thursday the 15th December 2011. 

It was started at 11.00 with the supplication (Dua) by Dr Mohammed Muazam Ali at Madina Colony Bus Stand. 

It was lead by Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, Regional Organizer, Gulbarga and Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President, JIH, Gulbarga. 

The Rally with number of two Wheeler and four Wheeler and auto announcements passed through Qadeer Chauk, MSK Mill Chouk, Central Bus Stand, Jewargi Cross, SB College, NV College, Shri Sharana basavweshwara Temple, Super Market, Humnabad Base, Khuni Alawa, Muslim Choun, National Chouk, Super Market, Jagat Circle, SVP Circle and Concluded at Mini Vidhana Soudha.

At Mini Vidhana Soudha a memorandum addressed to the Honorable Governor of Karnataka was submitted.

The Rally was attended by Jb Zakir Hussain and Jb Maheboob Alam Balganur Asst Regional Organizers and huge number of Jamaat associates and others.

The 11 km long route took  about 2 hour  to reach the destination