Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Islamic Book Stall at Kannada Sahitya Sammelan

Gulbarga Jilla Kannada Sahitya Parishad organized a two day 12th Gulbarga Jilla Sahitya Sammelan at its premises well known newly constructed Kannada Bhavan in Gulbarga on 19th & 20th June 2011 ie., Sunday and Monday. Well known personnalities of Kannada literature attended the program. A large number of Kannada loving people also prticipated in different sessions of the sammelan.
Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga exhibited Islamic Literature in Kannada from Shanti Prakashana. The Holy Quran, Hadees Books, Biography of Prophet PBUH, books based on Islamic teaching were exhibited. A large number of fellow compatriots visited the stall and shown keen interest in reading the books. Many of whom purchased Islamic literature which was made available to them in Kannada. Many were surprised to see the Holy Quran and other Islamic literature in their language.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Counselling for SSLC PUC students

As part of the education awareness programme Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga organized a counselling program for PUC II & SSLC students on 4the June 2011. Mr Hashmatullah Khan, ex General Secreatry, SIO of India, Mr Hamza Muazam Ali, an Engineer, Mr Qalid Parvaz, educationist and Mr M A Qader an Engineer, who have undergone specialized training in organizing counselling conducted the counselling program. It was organised at Phoenix-Ideal Public School. The objective was to guide the students in dilemma in pursuing their carrier.

Education Awareness program at Govt High School, MSK Mills ( a slum area)

We are identified by our foul language, misconduct, lying, backbiting, uncleanliness etc, where we should have been identifies with our knowledge and education. The were the words spoken by Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga while addressing the parents from the poor families at an awareness program organized by Jamaat at Govt Higher Primary School, MSK Mills Gulbarga on 14.06.2011. Presenting case study he said how a poor middle school drop out takes up SSLC exam with the motivation and help from fellow concerned friends and continues his education to complete diploma and Graduation in Engineering. He now is a cynosure of all people around. Therefore it is parent’s responsibility to see that their wards are properly educated. He called upon them to utilize the facilities provided by Government in the form of Free books, uniform ,mid day meal.

Speaking on the occasion Mrs Shahida Nasreen, Block CRP called upon the parents to send their children even if they were hungry so that they can not only become better earner also become good citizens. She called upon the mothers to take up education for themselves.

Mr Shujaudding, the Head Master welcomed the guests. Jb Yousuf Khan, Dr Salauddin, Mr Nazeer Ahmed, HDMC President, teachers and a large number of parents were present

Education Awareness program at Muslim Sangh( a slum area)

Education is our identity, we should strive to get it. This was the call from Jb Mohammed Hashmatullah Khan, Ex General Secretary, SIO of India given to the parents gathered in an Educational Awareness program organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on 06.06.2011. He said the one who has knowledge and the one who doesn’t have do not be same. Islam gives at most importance to education and knowledge that in made it compulsory (Farz) for men and women to acquire. He called upon the parents to send their wards even if they were hungry. He also called upon the well off to help the poor for the cause.

Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH Gulbarga also spoke

Jamaat collected the bio data of poor students through a format. About 80 applications were received. They will be scrutinized before giving scholarships to the needy.

Friday sermons on Education awareness in Gulbarga

Education awareness campaign was cinducted in Gulbarga from 20th May to 14th June 2011. As part of these programme the Qutba e Juma by Jamaat dignitaries was held in 1) Masjid e Mahebus, Super Market, by Moulana Mohammed Faheemuddin, Bidar 2) Masjid e Aayesha, Tippu Sultan Chouk (on three successive Juma) by Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni Regional Organizer, Moulana Mohammed Salim Assistant Regional Organizer and Jb M. Hasmatullah Khan, Ex Generla Secreatry, SIO of India 3) Madina Masjid Vidyanagar by Jb M Hashmatullah Khan, 4) Masjid e Rahmaniya, Haj Committee, Naya Mohalla, by M Hashmatullah Khan 5) Masjid e Ibrahimi, Seerat Colony, Godutai nagar by Jb Zakir Hussain, Ex President JIH Gulbarga and 6) Masjid e Ismat, Hagarga Road by Jb Syed Sajid Saleem, Member Local Shoora JIH Gulbarga. Through these sermons which were attended by thousands, it was tries to bring in about general awareness towards education. Importance of education in the light of Quran and Hadees was highlighted. The facts about present situation of Millat. It was said that only the 50% of pupil taken admission in school remain by the time the enter class 10. Only 3% are becoming graduates where as the number of muslim students becoming post graduates is only 1%. The people were motivated from the past glory of Muslim Ummah whene they were highly educated and the west use to turn to the Muslim nations for their education. Investigation & research in different fields by Muslim scholars and scientist is commendable. We should strive to bring back this glory for the betterment of Umma in Particular and for the peace and justice for the humanity in general.

People were called to continue the education of their wards come what may. The wealthy and rich people were call to shoulder the responsibility of adopting such poor but intelligent students so that they get an opportunity to serve the umma and the nation as better citizens.

GIO`s fecilitation program for SSLC toppers

Students should believe in themselves and discharge their duties towards society. These were the from Mrs.Jalees Banu, Head mistress, National Girls High School Gulbarga, while presiding over the Facilitation program for the SSLC toppers organized by Girls Islamic Organisation, Gulbarga in the city on 11the June at Pheonix PU College. Congratulating the toppers on the occasion she said that students in their school life are guided & supported by their teachers & parents but once they are out of school they learn to face the life practically. She guided the students through her thought provoking words saying that we are more concerned about the worldly education, students should also give time to learn their religion which helps in making them a good person.

Sister Ayesha Khanam, Secretary GIO Gulbarga speaking on the topic 'The role of students in the construction of the society:" focused the role of students in making the society a better place to live in. She said that a student can either contribute in constructing the society or can even be responsible in the destruction of society by doing malpractices, vandalism, etc. Pointed out to the present situation in educational campuses, she said these places of learning have turned from bad to worse. They have now become places of Business, fashion & centers of exhibition of immorality. She also said that the right kind of education helps in uprooting evils from the society & makes us better human beings and that`s why every religion promotes gaining knowledge.

Giving brief Introduction of GIO Sister Sara Iqbal, City President explained the aims, objectives and methodology of the organization. She said GIO I striving to prepare the students & young women for the reconstruction of the society in the light of divine guidance. She also pointed out the efforts of the organization in protecting the society from types of un-Islamic customs and practices & their ill effects.GIO is putting its efforts to create better educational atmosphere in educational institutions. Briefly explaining the activities of GIO she said the organization conducted educational survey in the city to find out which area of the city is educationally backward, no. of dropouts, no of school and college going girls etc. GIO has also given awareness of the various Govt & private scholarships to around 400-500 girls. GIO has also sponsored education fee to intelligent but financially poor girls.

GIO felicitated the toppers with mementoes, certificates & files.The program came to conclusion with the feedback words from toppers who appreciated GIO for their wonderful activities & also spoke on how their dedication & hard work brought them out with flying colors.Sister Tahura Mushtaq convened the Program & the Program was Organized by Sister Bushra Fatima. The program started with the recitation from the holy Quran by Sister Summaiya Mauzam.