Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka & Goa`s Zonal Advisory Council meeting at Gulbarga

The Zonal Advisory Council meeting of Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka & Goa Zone was held in Gulbarga on 19th December 2010. Addressing an Interactive Session with City members, workers and SIO member Jb M Abdullah Javid, Zonal President said that it is the services, dedciation, commitment and the sacrifices for the cause of aqamt e deen of Moulan Mahemood Khan has made it possible to held this meeting in Gulbarga. Moulana because of his bad health was unable to attend ZAC meetings. This meeting gave an opportunity for the ZAC members to not only meet him personally, it made Moulana to attend the meeting to guide them with his rich experiences. Ones services, commitment, dedication and the sacrifices naturally develops a sort of respect, love and affection which one will never forget. This love and affection only brought all of us to Gulbarga, he said.

The ZAC members tried to answer doubts and questions from local rufaqa on various issues relating to Jamaat and movement.

Earlier in the day ZAC was held at Shanti Sandesh Office hall, presided by Zonal President Jb M Abdullah Javid. It was attended by Jb S. Ameen ul hasan, Jb M Atharullah Sharief, Jb Shabbir Ahmed Khan, Dr Saad Beguami (all from Banglore), Moulana Mahemood Khan (Gulbarga), Moulvi M Faheemuddin (Bidar), Jb Abdul Haseeb, Jb Liaqat Mulla (both from Hubli), Jb Shahid Memon (Belguam), Jb K.M.Sharief( Manglore) and Mrs Shahnaz Batool (Bijapur). Dr M.J.Inamdar(Bijapur) could not attend the meeting due to ill health. One more member Jb Syed Hamid Hussain expired on 3rd December, 2010

Idara e Adab e Islami`s Mushayera at Gulbarga

Following the formation of the new body of the City Unit of Idara e Adab e Isalmi a Mushayera was held later in the night on 15th Dec 2010. It was presided over by Jb Sabir Faqruddin a newly elected President. Well known poets (Shoora) from the city like Jb Akram Naqash, Jb Syed Arif, Jb Hamid Akmal, Jb Syed Sajjad Ali Shad, and Moin Manzar prezented their poems. The upcoming artist like Jb Ateeq Ajaml, Jb Hasan Mahemood, Jb Rashid Riyaz, Jb Nasir Azeem and Sultan Ahmed also presented their poems.

New body of Idara e Adab e Islami Gulbarga formed

The new body of the Idara e Adab e Islami, Gulbarga was formed on 15.12.2010. It was supervised by its state secretary Jb Abdul Majeed (Arshad Siddique). The new office bearers are
President: JB Sabir Faqruddin, Member JIH gulbarga
Vice Presidents: 1. Jb Masood Abdul Qaliq, Sec, Human Age Assiciation, Gulbarga
2. Jb Mohammed Afzaluddin, Karkun, JIH, Gulbarga
Secreatary : Jb Rafiq Khan Durran
Joint Secretary: Jb Haleem Athar Sohaerwardi
Treasurer : Dr Abdul Hameed Mqadoomi
Members : Jb Muhib Kausar, Dr Gulam Mustafa, Jb M. Yousuf Khan, Jb Syed Tanveer
Hashmi, Jb M.Ziaullah, Dr M.Salauddin, Jb M.Arif Ali, Jb Qazi Abdul Muhit,
Jb M.Sulaiman, Jb Sk Abdul Wahid, Jb Ateeq Ajmal, Jb Rashid Riyaz,
Jb Syed Abdul Raheem, Jb M.Hasan Mahemood.

AIMPLB Conference in Gulbarga

All India Muslim Personal Law Board organised a Conference and Public Meeting on 5th December 2010 in Gulbarga. The motto was "Tafheem e Shariyat" i.e., to bring an awareness about the Shariyat among the Muslims in general and among the Advocates in particular. Boards All India President Moulana Syed Rabe Alhasni Nadvi presided over the functions. Moulan Ashraf Ali, Ameer e Sahriayat Karnataka, Jb Abdul Raheem Quresh, Secretary AIMPLB, Moulan Qalid Sayeefullah Rahmani of Fiqa Academy Hyderabad spoke.
In the morning a special conference was organised at the Auditorium of KBN Engineering College where in Ulema and Advocates along with the representatives from different Jamaats were specially invited. In the evening the Public meeting was held at National College ground where in thousands of people participated.

Kannada Adhyana Vartula started in Gulbarga

Gulbarga is a city with the population of about 6 lakh. Among its citizens about 50% people are Kannada speaking. To communicate with them learning of Kannada is a must. Specially when we are duty bound to convey the message of Islam to one and all it will become our duty to learn Kannada so that the message of their creator is conveyed to them effectively. Jamaat e Islami Hind is striving for this purpose since beginning.

In Gulbarga many of Jamaat associate are from Kannada background. However being the Urdu belt they hardly gen an opportunity to speak with people in Kannada. Therefore it was thought to have platform where the Kannada knowing people get an opportunity to speak, interact and learn the lessons of communication skills. Furthermore learn to understand Quran & Sunna in Kannada so that they are well versed with them to convey this message to fellow citizens.

Thus a weekly programme was started from the month of October 2010 at Islamic Book Center, Gulbarga. In this programme there will be a Quranic discourse along with speech on specific topic, Hadis discourse and recitation from Quran with Kannada translation. There will be time for interaction over the discourses given so that the speakers get an opportunity to improve themselves.

Intensive Course for Jamat workers

An intensive course has been stareted jamaat workers from the month of October 2010. A five month course covers three books namely
  1. Tahreek e Islami Hind
  2. Tahreek aur Karkun and
  3. Tahreek e Islami men karkunon ke bahami taluqat.

Dr Mohammed Muazzam Ali with the help of power point is conducting these classes. The participants are subjected to five levels during this course.

  1. Presentation
  2. Question & answer session
  3. Self Study
  4. Interaction among the participants under the guide and
  5. Summery of the last class.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Youm ul Badr programme & Iftar Party by GIO Gulbarga

On 17th Ramazan GIO Gulbarga unit organised a Programme on The Day of Badr (Youm ul Badr) the first battle of Islam. The speech on "Factors leading to the Battle at Badr and its impact on the propagation of Islam" was delivered by Mrs Tasneem Fatima. A Quran Quiz was conducted by Miss Aayesha Fatima, in which all the girls participated. Miss Aayesha Khanum in her inaugural speech highlighted the importance of this programme and gave brief introduction of GIO.

GIO`s Iftar Party at Gulbarga Universities`s Women Hostel

On 26.09.2010 an Iftar Party was organised by Girls Islamic Organisation, Gulbarga Unit at "Ganga" a Women Hostel in Gulbarga University where students from different departments doing thier Post Graduation degrees reside. The Hostel Warden Mrs Padmavti was the Chief Guest. Miss Nazia, an Associate of GIO delivered the speech in English on " The Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the light of scriptures" which was highly appreciated by one and all. Mrs Padmavati said on the occasion that such programme make us understand the concepts of religion and will remove misconcepts about relegion in the society. She was presented with Gift of Holy Qur`aan with Kannada translation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eid ul Fitr 2010 at Gulbarga

Lecture at Basava Samiti Shahabad

On an invitation from the Basava Samiti of Bhankur, Shahabad to deliver a Pravachan as part of their month long Pravachan programme during the month of Shravan, Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga delivered a lecture on the Message of Islam to Humanity.

The prgrammes was Presided by Swamy(Miss) Omkarewshwari, Banglore, who had come here to organize month long Pravachan Programme at Shahabad. Among the others present were the President of Basava Samiti, Shahabad and President, JIH, Shahabad jb Abdul Wahid.

Delivering the address to the audience mostly comprising of Lingayat men and women, Jb Ziaullah called to worship their creator instead of the one created by them. The Almighty Allah is not only the Lord or God of Muslims as is generally believed. Allah is the one who has created the heavens and the earth and the things between them. He is the one who created the human beings. He is "the one, eternal, absolute, he is neither the son of any one nor he has any children and none is like him". He is the living, self subsisting; supporter of all, no slumber can seize him nor needs any sleep or rest. Therefore man has to submit, subjugate himself to one Lord Allah. It is against his dignity that man bows other simple creations and human beings like him.

He said man has been guided right from the very beginning of the human existence on earth as the very first human being was the first Prophet, who guided his off springs under divine guidance from Allah. Prophet Mohammed PBUH is the last messenger from Allah. Prophet Mohammed has not founded any new religion in the name of Islam. But Islam is the religion founded by the first man on earth Hazrat Adam. All the prophets have spread the forgotten message under divine guidance.

He said that Ramazan is the month in which Quran was revealed for the guidance of the whole of mankind, which gives clear guidance and judgment between the right and the wrong, between the truth and the false. Is the book which states that the whole of humanity is knit with the bond of brotherhood as it says that the human beings are created from one man and his companion one woman and from them he created a number of communalities and groups so that they are identified. The best among them is the one with most God fearing and the follower of truth.

Allah commands justice, doing of good and giving the kith and kin and he forbids all indecent deeds and evil and rebellion. Quran guides goodness and evil are not equal, repel the evil with better than you will see that your most hatred will become the best friend. Quran upholds the human dignity and says the killing of one innocent human being is like killing the whole of humanity and the saving the one is like saving the humanity.

Quran says death is not the end of life. There is life after death in which our deeds are rewarded by the almighty. We do not see justice in this world. Righteous are not rewarded and the evil doers are never punished. Quran says the day will come where in all the people are presented in the court of the Lord of Lords.

Moulvi M Faheemuddin: Khutb e Juma at Jamia Masjid Mahebas

رمضان المبارک کے بعد بھی کوئی تبدیلی محسوس نہ ہوئی تو اللہ تعالی سے قلب سلیم کی دعا کی جائے
نماز جمعہ سے قبل جامع مسجد محبس میں مولوی محمد فہیم الدین کا خطاب
دنیا میں ہر کلام کااثر ہوتاہے۔ کسی کی گالی بھی ہمارے اندر اثر کرتی ہے، لعل پیلے ہوتے ہیں، بی۔پی۔بڑھتا ہے، یہاں تک کہ منہ سے جھاگ جاری ہوجاتا ہے۔ قرآن کی اثر انگیزہ بھی مسلمات میں سے ہے۔ اس کلام کے اثرات قلب و روح پر ہوتے ہیں ۔ اس کلام کے زیر اثر اللہ والوں کا غور و فکر کرنا بڑا اہم ہوتا ہے۔ اس کلام کو سننے کے بعد انسان کے اندر تبدیلی محسوس ہونا چاہئے۔ اگر ایسا نہیں ہے تو اپنے باطن کا جائزہ لینا چائے۔ ان خیالات کا اظہار مولانا محمد فہیم الدین ، رکن مجلس شوریٰ، جماعت اسلامی ہند کرناٹک و گوآ نمازجمعہ سے قبل مسجد محبس میں موجود ہزاروں بردارن ملت سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کیا۔ اپنا خطاب جاری رکھتے ہوئے کہا کہ اگر قرآن مجید کی تلاوت ہمارے اندر یہ احساس دلانے میں کامیاب کرے کہ میرے ساتھ اللہ ہے میں جہاں کہیں بھی ہوں تو گویا ہمارے اندر اسلام کا صحیح تصور بٹھانے میں کامیاب ہوا۔ کیوں کہ اللہ تعالی قرآن مجید میں بندوں کو یہ احساس دلاتا ہے کہ تم تعداد میں تم کم ہو کہ زیادہ میں وہاں موجود ہوتا ہوں۔ اگر یہ احساس ہمارے اندر پیدا نہیں ہوتا تو گویا کہ ہماری زندگی میں ایک اندھیرا ہے۔ اس کے لئے ضروری ہے کہ ہم اپنے رب سے تعلق کو جوڑنا چاہئے۔ ایک مثال سے اسکو سمجھاتے ہوئے کہا کہ جس طرح برقی تار میں کرنٹ رہنے کے باوجود اس میں جوڑ پیدا ہونے تک روشنی پیدا نہیں ہوتی اسی طرح اگر ہمارا تعلق اپنے مولا سے نہیں رہا تو اس قرآن کی تلاوت سے کچھ حاصل نہیں ہوتا۔ اس لئے جتنے رسول اس دنیا میں آئے بندوں کو انکے رب جوڑا۔ جب کسی بندے کا تعلق اپنے رب سے اور اپنے رسول ﷺ سے جڑ جاتا ہے تو اسکو یہ بات کہنے کی ضرورت نہیں پڑھتی کہ نماز پڑھو،روزہ رکھو، زکوٰۃ دو، حج کرو، اس بات کی تلقین کی بھی ضرورت نہیں پرھتی کی حق بات کی گواہی دو، امانتداری کا معاملہ کرو، وعدہ پورا کرو، شوہر ، بیوی، اولاد، والدین ، رشتہ دار، پڑوسیوں، کے حقوق ادا کرتے رہو۔ اس بات کی یاد دہانی کی بھی ضرورت نہیں پڑتی کہیتیم، مسکین، لاوارث، لاچار لوگوں سے ہمدردانہ سلوک کیاجائے۔ اللہ اور رسول سے تعلق ایک بندہ مومن میں یہ زمہ داری دلاتا ہے کہ دشمن کے ساتھ ظلم نہ کیا جائے، رزق حلال ہی پر اکتفاء کیا جائے، زبان کھولئے تو حق کے خاطر، ہاتھ اٹائے تو برائی کو روکنے کی خاطر۔ جب بندے کا تعلق خدا سے جڑھ جاتا ہے تو رات میں کچھ لمحات اللہ کے حضور اپنے خطاؤں کی بخشش کئے لئے گزارتا ہے، طوبہ و استغفار کرتا ہے، قبرستان سے گزر ہوتا ہے تو اہل قبور کے حق میں مغفرت کی دعا کرتا ہے، دوست و احباب کے ساتھ حسن سلوک کرتا ہے۔ اس طرح جب کوئی رمضان میں قرآن سے اور اللہ سے تعلق جوڑتا ہے تو اس کے اندر ایسی تبدیلی آتی ہے جیسے مہندی لگے ہاتھ اور اس کا اظہار اس طرح ہوتا ہے کہ کُھلی عطردان سے جس طرح خوشبو نکل کر ماحول کو موعطر کرتی ہے۔ اسی طرح مولانا نے کہا کہ اگر رمضان لمبارک کے بعد بھی اس طرح کی کوئی تبدیلی اپنے اندر نہ پاؤ تو اپنے رب سے قلب سلیم نصیب کرنے کی دعا کرو۔مولووی فہیم الدین صاحب نے حاضرین سے کہا کہ جب اکیلے ہوتے ہیں تو اپنے قلب کا جائزہلیناچاہئے۔اس سینے کو قرآن سے منور کرانا چاہئے۔ اس کو آباد قرآن کی تلاوت سے کیا جاتا ہے۔ اس کے زریعہ روح کو تازگی اور ارتقاء نصیب ہوتی ہے۔ اسی طرح نماز کی حالت میں بھی اپنے دل کا جائزہ لینا چاہئے۔ حاضرین سے کہا کہ روزہ پانی، کھانا اور مباشرت سے روکتا ہے ۔ ایسی حالت میں قرآن کی تلاوت اثر کرتی ہے۔ اس کو پڑھ کر کتنے ہی لوگ ایمان لے آئے۔ لیکن آج ہم اس کو نہیں سمجھتے یہ ہماری بہت بڑی کمزوری ہے۔ اور کہا کہ قرآن روشنی ہے جو ہمیں تاریکیوں سے نکالتی ہے۔ دنیا کے اندھیروں کو اس کی روشنی سے دور کیا جاسکتا ہے۔

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SIO`s one more Iftar Party at Vidyanagar

SIO West unit organised an Ifatr Party at Vidyanagar for the non Muslim Brothers.
Jb Abdul Qader, Member Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga spoke. After the speach many students asked a number of quetions on Islam & Muslims.

SIO`s Iftar Party at Vidyanagar, Gulbarga

SIO West Unit of Gulbarga organised an Iftar Party at Vidyanagar area of Gulbarga on 27.08.2010 where Students of Engineering, Medical, PUC from various and residing in rented rooms. Jb Mohammed Ziaullah spoke on the importance of Ramazaan.
All these students accomponied the iftar that followed.

Iftaar Party at SC ST Hostel for College & Degree Students

Jamaat e Islami Islami Hind, Gulbarga organised an Iftar Party at the SC/ST Hostel where mertitorious students from these communities studying in PUC and above in various colleges of the city are residing. Jb Abdul Qader. Jb Mohammed Ziaullah and Jb Ateeq ur Rahman spoke on the Importance of Ramazan, the teachings of Islam and Quran. All the residents of the hostel attended the prgramme.
Jamaat organised dinner for them and the Jamaat leaders had dinner along with them in the hostel.
The students were given the book " Ninna Sreishtikarta Yaaru".