Tuesday, February 22, 2011

S Ameen ul Hasan addressing the Youths in Gulbarga

Idara e Adab e Islami`s Mushayera as part of Khair e Ummat Campaign at Gulbarga

Idara e Adab e Islami Gulbarga organised a Mushayera on 11th February 2011 at Faraan College Auditorium Gulbarga on the tpoic " Kuntum Khaira Ummatin" as part of a ten day State wide Campaign by Jamaat e Islami Hind. Mr Abdul Hameed, Chairman Faraan Education Soceity, Gulbarga presided the Mushayera. In a Mushayera in which well known poets of Hyderabad Karnataka region participated was introduced by Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga by his inuagural address. It was convened by Gulbarga`s internationally acclaimed poet Mr Muhib Kaousar.
The Shura (Poets) who presented their Kalam ( poetry) were Jb Qaisar Razak Raichur, Jb Aazam Asar Shahabad, Jb Razak Asar Shahabad, Jb Nisar Ahmed Kaleem Bidar, Jb Sabir Faqruddin, Jb Akram Naqash, Dr Wahid Anjum, Moulana Vasiullah Rahmani, Jb Sayeed Arif, Jb Naseer Ahmed Naseer, Jb Maoin Manzar, Jb Vaqar Riyaz, Jb Sabih hyder, Jb Qaseem Akhtar of ETV Urdu, Jb Sajjad Ali, Jb Ateeq Ajmal, Jb Hasan Mahemood, Jb Rashid Riyaz. Jb Qazi Abdul Muhit presented his maidan kalam on the occasion.

Essay Competition on Khair e Ummat : Concept and Responsibiliteis

Winners of Essay Competition as part of Khair e Ummat Campaign on topic “Khair e Ummat : Tasavvur aur taghaze” (You are the best community : concept and responsibilities)

As part of the Khair e Ummat Campaign from 4th to 13th February 2011, Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga organized a District Level Essay competition on the topic “Khaie e Ummat : Tasavvur aur taghaze” (You are the best community : concept and responsibilities). People were invited to send their essays by post or by hand within the stipulated time. It was observed that a large number of men, women, boys and girls from 7th standard to Ph. D level sent their essays. From among them the following were declared winners
First Prize: Mohammed Umair Ansari, Student, BE IInd Sem
Second Prize: Miss Ruqaya Khatoon D/o Nisar Ahmed,
Student, BUMS
Third Prize: Miss Shaikh Aayesha Asma D/o Mohammed Moosa,
Student, Alima IVth year
Consolatory Prize: Mrs Fatima Nasreen W/o Mohammed Ziaullah,
House wife
Consolatory Prize for under PUC II
Ist: Miss Saba Parveen, Student, Xth Std
IInd: Mr Abdul Qadeer, Student, PUC II

Monday, February 21, 2011

Concluding program of Khair e Ummat Campaign at Muslim Chouk, Gulbarga on 12.02.2011

Duties of prophet hood to be performed by Muslims.
It is the duty of every Muslim to introduce the Almighty Allah and his Prophet Mohammed PBUH to one and all. These are the words conveyed by Mr S Ameen ul hasan, Member Central Advisory Counicl, Jamaat e Islami Hind while addressing the huge gathering at Muslim Chouk in Gulbarga on 12th February 2011. Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga had organized a grand Concluding Programm of the Khair e Ummat Campaign. He said even today drunken people like Akhtar Sheerani a poet, and a village student from Tunisia love the Prophet PBUM to such an extent that they cannot tolerate any sort of blasphemy in this regard. He said the coming of prophets to the world has ended but not the duties of prophet-hood. This responsibility has now transferred to the Muslim Community. This duty has to be performed by each and every one. If it is not done by them, Allah who has the supreme powers will bring in people like ugly black Abdullah from Tamil Nadu or former NATO executive like Mr Murad Halfmon, after giving them the hidayah (divine guidance). He called on the muslim community to 1) spread the teachings of islam, 2) love human beings. These were the two things which our beloved prophet did in Macca period. Referring the example given by Moulana Farooq Khan he said the one who about whom the bad things are spread may not be a bad man as it is to be investigated, but the one who spreads bad things about him is definitely a bad man as his badness has already proved. He said while continuing his address that the frist thing the Prophet PBUH did on his arrival in Madina was constructing of Masjid Nabavi and made it a hub of all activities, where in all issues relating to the community were brought in and solved. He called upon the muslims to give the proper place to the Masjids and make them the center of all community activites where in people can bring their problems. The second thing the Prophet PBUH did in Madina was bringing in together people from all religions through agreement in which all the people from Madina were made to protect one another at the time of crisis. And called the Ummah in India to strengthen the bonds with people of different faiths. The third things the Prophet PBUH did after coming to Madaina was the establishment of Madina Market a parallel market along with the market of Jews. The Jews market interest based and the Madina Market was free from interest based lending. As a result the people who did`nt had any penny becom billianair in no time. These were the fruits of Islamic business. S Ammenul hasan called Indian Muslims to get the Indian economy free from the clutches of Interest. At the same time he called to get rid of unislamic rituals, dowry system, domestic violence, engulfing of property (meeras), infant foeticide.
Moulana Vasiullah Rahmani, Khateeb o Imam, Masjid e Aiwan Shahi, addressing the gathering said one obey and follow the Prophet PBUM him to that extent he loves him. You love the Prophet to such an extent the good is spread in the society. He said Allah has made the muslim community the best community in the world, so it should do the best for the world. Prefix is given to any community based on it deeds, its character, its performance, its duties. If we are able to communicate the message of the Prophet to the masses that we can say that we can be called Best community.
Moulana Abdul Rasheed Kamil, Head Master, Deeniya Madarsa, Dargah Hazrat Gesudaraz ( R ) said, there is no humanity to be seen today. Our duty is to promote humanity. It is the duty of Muslims to sread good things and remove bad and evil things from the society. Hazrat Gesudaraz ( R ) came to Gulbarga to perform this duty. He called upon the people to become the tree which gives shade even after being in the sun light. He said Quran commands to speak good, develop good character.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Public meeting on Khair e Ummat Campaign at MSK Mills on 05.02.2011

Khair e Ummah is not a medal but a great responsibility. Every school of thought should perform this duty:
When the people of this country have accepted communism from Russia, capitalism from the West, and others cultures from different people who came to this country, then they will likely to accept the Deen e Haq if it is presented. These were the thoughts expressed by Mr Mohammed Atharullah Sharies, State Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka while addressing the huge gathering at a grand public meeting organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on 5th February 2011 at an open ground in MSK Mills area. He said, Hazrat Khaja Gesudaraz (R) who had come to Gulbarga a long ago tp perform the duty of Khair e Umma as a result the devine light from the Alimighty spread here which can be seen even today. The same duty has to be performed by us today so that the people from darkness can have the sight of the light from their creator. He said our beloved country is facing a number of problems. The effects of these problems have to be faced by one and all whether one is a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or a Christ. The country which proud to be called agriculturist country has seen 17336 farmers committing suicide death in the year 2009-10 itself. Every child born in this country is burdened with huge loan. There are 40 crore people in this country whose daily income is less tham Rs 20.00 and are forced to live under below poverty line. He said there was a time when the system of Zakat was in practice, the wealthy people use to search for poor people who can be given zakat. This country now needs such economic system where in the people are freed from the evil of interest based economy. Talking about conveying the message of Allah to fellow beings, he said whenever the divine guidance is presented to the people here, it received wide acceptance. He said how a common man a youth who enlightened the fundamentalist to accept his guiltiness by mere giving respect and serving him in a jail thinking that he is elderly person. The message of peace Deen e Haq is presented to people like Lakxminarayan , can change his life, why should we not convey this message to one and all. He said we should not become hurdle to the unbelievers. He called people believing in different schools of thought ( Maktab and masalak) to spread whatever the message you believe in to be right to the masses so that they are freed from the fire of hell and we are rewarded by the almighty for performing this noble duty which once used to be performed by the Ambiya (the messengers of Allah).
Addressing the gathering Moulana Jameel Ahmed Siddique from Madarsa Deeniya, Dargah Hazrat Khaja Gesudaraz ( R ), said higher the post higher the responsibility one has. Similarly, Ummah has the supreme duty of conveying the message of the creator to the fellow beings. The Almighty Allah has called Ummah as Khaire Umma i.e., you are the best community which means it is like honey bee, which collects nectar from different flowers and plants and produces honey. Similarly ummah has to follow the teachings of Islam and become witness on to mankind. It looks that the millat is divided, but he said that when there are few people there will be differences. But they do duty as the honey bee.
Moulana Syed Misbah ul Hasan of Darul Uloom Sikandariya, addressing the gathering said, the community of Bani Israil was dismissed from this responsibility when it became inefficient and forgor its duty and onto its place the community of Mohammed PBUM was brought. As long as this community performs this duty it will be Khair e Ummah. Recalling the pages from history Moulana said, when the morality of the muslim community was lost it was subjugated in Spain, and the pride in themselves brought in Tatar in Baghdad. Therefore the muslim community should perform the duty of Spreading of goodness and removing of evil from the society. For this the ummah has to present supreme moral character. He said that was a time a muslim women guides her husband not to go for illegal earning even after starving for three days. He quoted an example of a businessman who sends back his customer to the neighboring vendor who didn’t have any business that day. He said if our neighbor is not happy with us the Namaz, Roza, Zakat and Haj will not be of any use. He called upon the muslim community to invite people to the subjugate their lord, instead of its creations, and perform the duty of spreading good things and eradicating evil and bad things from the society.

Khair e Ummat Campaign : Inaugural prgogram on 03.02.2011

Inaugural program of Khair e Ummat Campaign on 03.02.2011
Today the whole of humanity if encountered by a number of problems. The noble characters of goodness, degradation of values are at the helms of affairs right from the village to national levels. Under these circumstances it the duty of each and every muslim to call the fellow citizens to the path of Allah. These were the words expressed by Mr Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, Gulbarga Zonal Organizer, at an Inuagural prgramme of Khair e Ummat Campaign at Gulbarga on 3rd of February 2011 at Naaz Function Hall. He said that not many of the fellow citizen are aware of the righteous teachings of Islam as a result they a number of misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. He said we have a belief that Islam is the only religion which can show the right path to all the human beings and it has the solution to all the problems faced by the humanity. Therefore it is the duty of the Ummah to present Islam as an alternative to the present ways of life.
Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga while addressing the gathering said the Alimighty Allah has explained to the Ummah about their duties and responsibilities in Chapters Al Baqra, Aali Imran, Al Nisa and Al Maeda. In chapter 2:143 it is said that the ummah has been given the high position as a Justly Balanced Ummah, so thaey should obey Allah and his messenger, carry the guidance to the others, else liable to the strict answers in the Hereafter. In chapter 3:110 Allah syas about ummah that “ You are now the best people brought forth for (the guidance and reform of) mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.” And in Chpater 4:135 Believers! Be upholders of justice, and bearers of witness to truth for the sake of Allah, and in Chapter 5:8 Allah says to believers that “Oh Believers! Be upright bearers of witness for Allah” Therefore Jamaat e Islami Hind has under taken this campaign to bring in an awreness among the muslims about their duties of calling the fellow citizens towards Allah, performing the duty of Shahadat e alannas (witness unto mankind) and to perform this duty they should inculcate superior character which is a must to perform noble duties. He called upon the people to participate in large numbers in different programs organized by Jamaat in the city which include two grand public meetings, Mushayera, Special program for Youths, essay competition and a number of tea parties in different localities of the city.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Preparations for Hidayat center construction

Women`s District Conference in Gulbarga

One day District Women`s Conference was organised by Women`s Wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on 24th January at Mohammadi Function Hall as part of its state wide campaign on the theme "AN IDEAL : A Boon for Happy Family & Healthy Socieity". The programme attended by over 2000 women was presided by Mrs Nasira Khanum, Ex National Convenor of Womens Wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind, who hailed from Hyderabad. She called for practicing muslim women so that she can perform the duty of Khair e Umma i.e., the best community which has been created by Allah for the mankind which enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency and beleives in Allah.
She also spoke on the topic "How to Reform the Family"
Mrs Amatur Azeez Kokab from Basavakalyan gave Quranic Lecture on Suarh Nahal Ayat No: 90 and called for "enjoin justice and kindness and giving to kinsfolk, and forbid lewdness and abomination and wickedness".
Mrs Tahira Anjum, Ex State President of Girs Islamic Organization emlightened the audience on topic "Ideal Women-Vision and Character". Dr Farida Begum, gave a speech on " Wmone`s role in building of Homes and Society - Present Scenario and plans for improvement".
" The IDEAL lives of women companions of Prophet Mohammed PBUH" was delivered by Mrs Qaisar Jahan from Humnabad.
A Drama on "INFANT FOETICIDE" was enacted by Womens Wing from Gulabarga, an action song on "Culling of girl child" and a song on Womens presesnt status was played by young girls.

Momentos to Winners of Essay & Debate competition as part of Womens Conference