Friday, September 16, 2011

Eid Milan at Gurmitkal : An example of Harmony for the first time

The bonds of bother hood between Hindus and Muslims in this town are several hundred years old, but are strengthened with this program. The harmonious atmosphere has been created by organizing this program and now we shall stive to maintain it said Shri Shantaveer Guru Murugharajendra Mahaswamiji of Kasamath Gurmitkal in Eid Milan program organized by muslim community for the first time in the town of Gurmitkal about 110 km from Gulbarga.
Mr Nagangouda Kandkoor, Ex Chairman HKDB, said, every point told about the life and ones resulf after death is true. If such belief is developed by us it will be difficult for us to follow the wrong path. Yes, he said I believe there is accountability after death.
Mr Govindaiah, Principal, Govt Degree College Gurmitkal addressing the gathering said, for the first time in his carrier of 32 long years came to know of the purpose of life. He called upon the organizers to organize many more such program so that people come to know about them self and their creator.
Mr P.K.Choudhry, CPI, Gurmitkal, called upon the people to develop brother hood by understanding the true spirit of religion. He also called upon to think many more times to the thoughts given in this program.
Mr Mohammed Ziaullah from Gulbarga earlier spoke in length about the purpose of celebrating Eid, how to strengthen communal harmony, brother hood, brief introduction of Islam and its teachings of unity of God, Prophethood, and the login in the belief of life after death.
The program was presided by Jb Syed Akbar, Dt Congress Commity Member and it was supervised by Jb Habeeb Alvi. Al Attas, Gen Secretary, Block Congress Gurmitkal.
The program  though conducted late in the evening was attended by large number of people representing different communities. 

Eid Milan at Sedam, Kottalbasaveshwara Sadashiv Swami & Dr Sharan Prakash Patil MLA addressed

India is a country with diversity in which people from different religions, casts, communities have been living together for centuries. This culture has to be strengthened. This is possible by organizing this type of programmers. These were the words expressed by Dr Sharan Prakash Patil, MLA, representing Sedam constituency in an Eid Milan program organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Sedam uint on Sunday the 11th September 2011 at Sarakari Naukarara Bhavana, Sedam.
Addressing the gathering Shri Sadashiva Swamigalu of Kottala Basaveshwara Dewalaya, Sedam said, he pleased to attend such program in which people from different faiths are participating. He commended the efforts of Jamaat e Islami Hind for organizing such program. He said such programs bring people nearer remove misconceptions about one another and help in understanding their religions.
Presiding over the function Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH Gulbarga called people to read and understand the Holy Quran, as it the book from your Lord revealed for your guidance. It guides you in your private and public life, how to earn and how to spend, in the field of economics, business, politics, running the affairs of the country, basis for international relations etc.
The program was attended by the dignitaries like Mr Shivarudrappa Kolkur, President, Muncipal Council Sedam, Mr Mallayya Guttedar, Shivaraj Bhovi, Mr Ashok Reddy, Mr Chanbasreddy, Mr Gangadhar Gaouli, Mr Laxma Reddy and others.
Mr Riyazuddin President JIH Sedum, in his inaugural speech explained the purpose of organizing this program.

Huge number of people from different walks of life especially from teaching community attended the program.