Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be attached with Quran to Change yourself and Society: M Abdullah Javid

Ramazan is the month for our training and personality development. It is the month of mercy, forgiveness and freedom from the fire of hell. One should utilize this opportunity to his or her best. The Holy Quran says “Believers, why do you profess that which you do not practise? It is most loathsome in the sight of Allah that you should profess what you do not practise.”(61:2-3)

These were the words expressed by Mr Mohammed Abdullah Javid, State President Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka while addressing the weekly conference of the Local Unit at Masjid e Aiwan Shahi on Sunday the 28th August 2011. It was also attended by the members and associates of Students Islamic Organization of India.

He said one should have an action plan to get maximum out of it. This is the month of revelation of Holy Quran. We should bring it in our discussions every now and then. This will develop an attachment with it. This attachment will help us to change ourselves and the society. This is true especially for those who are associated with Islamic movements.

He said Quran is our basic requirement. If it is not read and understood, we will be failing both in this world and in the life here after. He said The Holy Quran is the dining table of Allah SWT. On the dining table one like to have the food of his choice frees himself from hunger. Therefore one should try to get utmost from the Holy Quran.

He said it the rope of Allah SWT. Its one end is with Allah SWT and the other end is for us. One should try to hold fast this rope. That means one should hold fast to the guidance from the Holy Quran. One should go in depth in learning Quran so that his attachment with Allah SWT is strengthened. The life will bloom only when the space is given for Quran in our heart. Prophet Muhammed PBUH said that heart is like vacant house, when there is no Quran in it. He said one should try to by-heart it and said we do not forget it but we are made to forget if we are not attached with it.

To get benefitted from the Holy Quran

  1. One should know what is Quran? The whole universe demonstrates whatever Allah SWT has said in it. The Sun and the Moon are bounded to a specific path. Before rising the Sun ask for permission to rise from Allah SWT. And the day will come when Allah SWT do not give permission. Therefore we should demonstrate in our life what Quran says.

The Bird has been provided with all capabilities to meet the requirement for which it has been created. Similarly we are also provided with all capabilities to fulfill the requirement given by Allah.

He said Allah SWT is most merciful and beneficent. He is not cruel. We should develop these characters.

The Birds look innocent. Prophet Muhammed PBUH said Allah SWT will order one group to go to Jannah whose hearts are like birds. And the birds never carry their food along with them. Allah SWT nourishes every creation. .

He called upon to give a thought of Rain, mountains etc. Rain exhibits the mercies from the Almighty. Rain brings life to the barren land and it helps to get our grains etc. Mountains exhibit the mercy of Allah SWT as the Quran says mountains have prevented the earth from tilting.

  1. He called upon to practice the theory taught. The one who practices is actually the servant of Allah SWT. Each and every creation in this universe is doing what it is made to do. Similarly, if the human being obeys and prays Allah SWT is like fulfilling their duties. Therefore one should exhibit patience, the Fasting in the month of Ramzan trains patience. If one shows patience means he is expects mercy from the Almighty. Quran says to speak good with people. It says to establish Salah (Namaz). Similarly, whatever it expects us to do, Ramzan trains us. Therefore, whatever we have learnt are gained should reflect in remaining eleven months.

He said, Quran shows the path of practice and shows the right path. It also shows the means to practice. It also explains about what we get if practiced. As it says if you spend one rupee you will get reward upto seven hundred.

To get guidance from the Holy Quran one should be pious and want to change himself towards the better. Therefore our heart should be soft. One should always try to train his heart for which one has to develop love with Allah SWT, practice what is taught, protect it from bad thoughts.

Eid ul Fitr Congregation in Gulbarga

Youm ul Quran in Masjid e Mahebus, Gulbarga

The very purpose of the month of Ramazan and the revelation of Holy Quran is to inculcate and develop piety, the fear of God called Tqawa. Piety is not thing which can be exhibited by way of dress or behavior. But piety is the one in which one fears Allah SWT in all his activities throughout his life. These were words expressed by Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, Regional Organizer, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga Region, while addressing the Youm ul Quran (the Day of Quran) program after Juma Namaz at Jamia Masjid Mahebus on Jumat ul Vada (Last Friday of Ramzan) in Gulbarga on 26th August 2011. Addressing the huge gathering he called upon the muslims to evaluate themselves about whether they have upgraded their Taqwa through this month. Unfortunately he said after passing through Ramzan for many years there is no noticeable change in the Millat which can be put to change this world. Instead we are subjugated any all walks of life. The reason for this he said that we have no clear objective to attain Taqwa as the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said evey act depends upon the objectives you set.

Quoting the examples from Holy Quran he said, many of the communities in the past have been punished by the Almighty for the reasons, 1) Not recognizing the bounties given by the Almighty, 2) Subjugating themselves before false Gods, 3) Human Rights violation, 4) Not preying to the Almighty, 5) Misbehaving with the Prophets of the time, 6) Mutual misunderstanding among themselves, 7) develop evil characters in themselves.

He called upon the Muslims 1) To become the pure servants of Allah, 2) Be regular in offering worship., namaz, fasting etc, 3) Call people towards right path, 4) Prevent themselves from illegal earnings, 5) Make day today transactions in accordance with Quran and Sunnah, 6) try to reform the society

Recalling about the Madani Society he said

1) it was based on brother hood, in which the Muhajir and the Ansar were tied with the bond of brother hood in such a way that they were ready to sacrifice anything for their brothers. The became one community The UMMAH,

2) They had clear concept of Life and death. They knew that this life is temporary and the life after death is forever and one has to put effort to be successful in the life after death. Thus, they loves this life to the least and were ready to sacrifice everything whether it is their wealth or their life itself.

3) They exhibited top most character. They valued the fellow human beings. They respected. They treated them with mercy and love. Even the animals were loved. People use to understand Islam by seeing the life of the Muslims.

4) They had the clear concept of what to earn. They were clear about the lawful and illegal earning and tried to abstain from all sort of illegal earnings. They never abstained from worldly pleasure but rightfully.

5) They tried to maintain peace and harmony in the society. This is affected when the society become corrupt.

6) The community was established based on strong principles where the parents were respected, loved, served. The wives and children were given their due share, the neighbors had their rights, every one tried to serve the society.

7) Politically the rule of Allah was established. Its laws were implemented and the every citizen had the equal rights.

He called upon the Muslim Ummah to inculcate these values as shown by the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammed PBUH. This is the very purpose for which the Holy Quran was revealed and the month of Ramazan was given so that the Muslims understand the lords word and put to practice.

He also called upon them to attach themselves with Holy Quran and give it a place in their hearts so that the love of this world is minimized, think of the life here after, make oneself ready for death before it comes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inculcate the fear of God, Prepare yourself to present before him

This world is not a place of joy, but is place to test man for what he does with the freedom given to him. If the man utilizes this freedom and obey the commandment of the Almighty Allah, not only be successful in this world but will also be in the life after death. The man is tested for his deeds in different conditions, whether it may be by providing wealth or making him poor, providing health or making him to suffer from various diseases, by giving different talents. These were words expressed by Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH, Gulbarga while addressing the Iftar Party organized by the Muslims Small Scale Industrialist for their Non Muslim brothers on Wednesday the 24th August 2011. The fasting in the Ramazan trains a person to inculcate these values and be fearful to their Lord.

The program was attended by the well known Cardialogist Dr Vijay Mohan, Small scale industrialists, and others.

Message of Ramazan : Know & Obey your creator

An Iftar Party was organized by SIO`s North unit at Vidya Vikas D.Ed College in Gulbarga on Wednesday the 24th August 2011. It was attended by the Principal, staff and students both boys and girls of the college. The program was started with the recitation of Quranic Verses by Br Abdul Baseer.

Addressing on the occasion Br Sarfraz, member SIO, explained about the tenants of Islam. He said the creation of this world, its beauty, its stability, the binding force between the heavenly bodies making them to track the known path, the peace in the universe, indicate that there is a creator and the creator is one and only one. Even our own body, its functioning many times surprises us is its creation. He is called Allah, the Almighty. He said prophets were sent from him to guide the humanity towards the right path. There will be a day when all our deeds are judged in the Supreme Court of the Almighty Allah. Allah, the know-er of even the murmuring of our tongue and the thoughts emanating from our heart will reward for our deeds. He said the Holy Quran is the book sent by the creator for the guidance of humanity. It is not only the holy book of only Muslims, but is the book for all those who would like to be guided by their creator.

Presiding over the function Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President, JIH, Gulbarga called upon the people to know their creator. It is the fear of him and the accountability only will guide us to the right path. The world today is behind materialism which has created selfishness in human beings,. As a result we find man not scared of looting the fellow beings, encroaching upon others rights, fooling the others. He thinks that he can do any thing and no body is to ask him for his deeds. This very concept of life has brought in inequality in the society, the huge gap between the rich and the poor, lawlessness, cheating are the order of the day. Islam has clear concept of life after death in which the deeds of this world are judged and rewarded. This fear of accountability will bring in a sort of responsibility in human beings. This fear of the God should be felt all the time. The Fasting in the month of Ramazan inculcate this awareness.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Purpose of Fasting:Purifying the soul to please the Almighty Allah

The man has instinct to do good as well as bad things. The physical body always instigate him to do what ever he can to meet its desire where as the soul in him prevents him to do all those wrong things. Thus the fasting promote the virtues and eliminate bad habits from the us if we do fasting with awareness. These were the words spoken by Mr Mohammed Ziaullah President JIH Gulbarga in an Iftar Party organized by Shahabad unit of Jamaat e Islami Hind on Sunday the 21st Augsut 2011 at Shams Function hall Shahabad. It was attended by many of the well known personalities from Shahabad including businessmen, lecturers, employees of Alstrem Co. He said One if do not succeed in eliminating bad habits from him according to Prophet Muhammad PBUM`s saying will nat get anything apart from hunger and thirst. He said Prophet Muhammad PBUM has promised Heaven (Jannah) for those who promise to protect their organs between their jaws and between their thigh. Calling people to read Quran he said this is not the holy book of Muslims. But it is the book for the ones who want to be guided from their creator.

Welcoming the gathering Mr Abdul Waheed President JIH Shahabad said Ramazan is the month in which our creator revlealed the book of guidance to the whole of humanity called The Quran.

Friday, August 19, 2011

GIO`s Iftar Party for Non Muslim Women

On Wednesday the 17th August 2011 GIO Gulbarga Unit organized an Iftar Party for Girl students in Laalgiri in which large number of women also participated. Speaking on the occasion Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH Gulbarga called upon the people to worship their creator nor their creations. He said the Sun, the Moon, the mountains, the oceans, the rivers, the tress, the animals are at the service of man and not to be worshiped. Similarly the fellow human beings are also not worthy to be worshiped. The our head should only bow before creator as the Holy Quran says "O Mankind , submit to your Lord Who created you and those who were before you; in this way only you may expect to save yourselves."(2:21) He said, one we have to die and leave this world. After death we all return to our creator only. Who rewards or punishes us based on our deeds in this world. No one in this world gets the proper reward for the better things he does and gets suitable punishment for the misdeeds. It is this concept only brings in a sort of accountability in human beings which restricts him to not to do bad things.

GIO members and associated presented Islamic songs in Hindi. Iftar was arranged for all the participants. They expressed thankfulness for inviting them for such a holy program. They said earlier to this they ignorant of the importance of Ramazan and Islam. Miss Aayesha Khan newly elected president of GIO welcomed the guests and all the members and associates of GIO were present.