Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GIO program in Gulbarga: Call for developing Islamic Virtues

The world is full of evils. One has to put all his/her efforts to free from these evils. The purpose of this life is to serve the Almighty Allah, the creator. This is possible by obeying his commandments. These were the thoughts expressed by Ms Rabia Khanam, Member State advisory council, GIO Karnataka while addressing the huge gathering of Girl students and women. 

Ms Seema Kuasar, Hubli, Member State advisory council, GIO Karnataka called upon the young girls to inculcate Islamic virtues and exhibit their best moral character the field of their choice.

The Girls presented a heart rendering  play to depict the love and affiliation of worldly desires, staying away from deen (religion), and expecting their life to be long lasting and completely unaware of time of death.

The Future of the Nation lies is in the hands of Teacher: Md Faheemuddin

The noble responsibility of taking the nation on the progressive path lies in the hands of Teachers said Moulana Mohammed Faheemuddin, Member State Advisory Council, JIH Karnataka, while addressing the teachers in a program organized by Gulbarga unit of AIITA on 28th April 2012. The teacher while teaching the students about the heart, eye, ear, nose, brain, maths, physics etc should also teach them about their creator, the almighty Allah. And at the same time they should bring in strong belief in the existence of the life after death. The one who inculcate this belief will definitely serve the society and humanity with the sense of responsibility and the fear of accountability to God. He called upon the teachers to bring change in their pupil in such a way that when such person dies, the whole of community is filled with tears for the services he rendered, as against the moment when the child is born crying and the people celebrating its arrival.

Presiding over the function Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH Gulbarga said the Almighty Allah SWT has put on mulsim a greater responsibility of changing ill affected society. He said the Indian society is plagued with in-equality, un-touchability, and immorality, not respecting elders, accepting the trends of homosexuality and surrogacy and it is progressing towards moral anarchy. The teaching community under whom the future generation is groomed, has the responsibility to bring in them the awareness to change the society to free from these evils. He said the concerted effort has been made to introduce in human, illogical material in the text books which creates hat redness among the pupil. The AIIT, All India Ideal Teachers Association is striving to bring in positive change in the education system and called upon the teachers to get associated with it. High School teacher of Maths and Science from North Karnataka, who were in the city for evaluation work attended the program