Sunday, October 30, 2011

Responsible Youth for a Better Society: GIO Gulbarga Unit`s Program

If human beings understand the very purpose of their existence and lead their life to the pleasure of the Almighty, he will become a better person the society and the society consisting of such people will become the better society. These were the thoughts expressed by Mrs Sabiha Sultana, State Secretary, Girls Islamic Organization while addressing the huge gathering of girls college students and the youth women in a program organized by local unit of GIO at Kannada Bhavan on Sunday the 30th October 2011. The program was organized as part of the three day state wide campaign on the central theme” Responsible Youth for a Better Society”. The program was also attended by compatriot sisters. Continuing her speech she said the society is full of evils, whether it is in the form of exhibition of women as show peace in the market, imitation of western culture, spreading of nudity through dominance of TV & mobile, inhumanity, immorality, are some of the effects which are being seen as the man has forgotten his creator, the relationship with him and his responsibilities as human being in the society. In fact the Almighty Allah has created human beings for his ibadah, subjugation before him and to follow his commandments. Unfortunately we are hardly seeing the noble characters of humanity, instead women have been deprived of their just rights. Islam has given women the supreme and noble position in the society. There is need to understand the teachings of Islam and the guidance from the creator for the reconstruction of society. The reconstruction of the society cannot be done without the participation of all and sundry. Therfore the youths should come forward to change the society.
Mrs Sajida Begum, The Chief Guest while addressing the gathering expressed her concern about the rise of evil things in the society by specifically pointing them out. She said dowry, imbalance between the rich and the poor, fashionable life style, differentiation between the girl and boys, corruption, immorality, degradation of values, materialism are the some of the issues to be addressed. She called upon the people to develop character. The home is the first school where a child learns the basics of humanity and later the teacher and the society moulds the personality.
Rajyogini Dr B.K.Ratna, Director, Brahmakumari Ashram, Shahabad call upon the youths to reconstruct the society based on divine guidance. The spirit in every being has to be addressed as it is made up of thoughts, customs and character. One should develop character. To achieve this she stressed upon to offer regular Namaz, Roza and Haj which purify our thoughts. With these things only one can achiev peace in one’s mind and thereof in the society.
The program commenced with the recitation of holy Quran by Syeda Aayesha and its Kannada translation by Firdouse Jabeen. Ms Aayesha Khanam, City President of GIO introduced GIO and explained about the objectives of organizing this state wide campaign. During the program Ms Firdouse Begum and Syeda Nousheen recited Islamic songs. The prizes were given to B. Jouys of Convent College, Jyoti of Vidya Vikas DEd Collge, Asra Jabeen of Al Habeeb DEd College, Shahzadi Sirajunnisa of Hameed Pyare BEd College and Salma Mushir of KCT DEd College.
The program was convened by Tahura Mushtaq. On the dais also seated was Mrs Saliha Tabassum, Organizer Women`s wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga.