Sunday, July 17, 2011

Board of Islamic Educations Prize Distribution Program at Gulbarga

Right education and right training is the need of the hour, and getting job should not be criteria to get educated but it should be to know their creator and fellow beings and the responsibilities towards fellow beings. These are the words expressed by Mr Atharuulah Sharies, Bangalore, Vice Chairman, Board of Islamic Education Karnataka and the Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka Zone, while presiding over the Prize Distribution Program on last Saturday the 16th July 2011 at Shalimar Garden Function Hall, Gulbarga organized by the Board of Islamic Education. He expressed his concern at the fact that right from kg to University level there is no single word about our creator Allah. He said in agriculture where in formation of plants is being taught, unfortunately we are not teaching about its creator. As a result most of the educational institutions are manufacturing educated animals. He said there was a period where in the west use to turn towards Muslim world to gain knowledge and learning. Muslims were highly educated and were masters in the field of Physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, agriculture, astrology, geology, mathematics, and what not. Muslim countries were so developed that they had street lights when there was no proper means in the west to get rid of darkness. He express his satisfaction over the fact that even in today’s demanding times Muslim women is not an exploited lot and that the Muslims are still far better in their morality compared to their compatriots. However they are being framed in many misdeeds. He called upon the gathering to uphold the highest Islamic values and exhibit highest morality as this is the religion which teaches its followers to attend to that sick enemy who pours garbage onto us.

Mr Tahir Hussain the Secretary Board of Islamic Education Karnataka giving his inaugural address said that the board was established in the year 2002 with the objective of imparting basic Islamic knowledge to school going boys and girls so that they are aware of their religion. It was found that due lack of such institutions the wards are deprived of Islamic teachings to such an extent that when asked their religion they say it is Hindu. He said board is offering five year correspondence course in four languages viz., Kannada, Urdu, English and Hindi with specifies syllabus. Every year thousands of students including non Muslims are appearing for these exams. This year 17000 have appeared. In which one of them is Sharanu Digambar hailed from Yadgir who got First State rank in Certificate course. Explaining other activities of the board he said the board is striving to remove objectionable parts from the teaching syllabus in school and colleges, it is organizing counseling programs to students, updating the teaching community with modern knowledge, formed federation of college managements to look into the problems faced by these institutions.

Mr Syed Abdul Rub, KAS, Additional Commissioner for Public Instructions, Gulbarga addressing the gathering called upon the student community to be like a pencil which strives to work till the end and try to become like lead of the pencil which is of use not its covering and said that intrinsic values of a person are more important.

Dr M.B.Dilashad, Assoc Professor, Dept of Women’s Studies, Women’s University Bijapur, expressing his concern for the degradation of the status of teachers while their income has increased considerably. He wandered at the fact that the Ummah which was taught about the importance of learning knowledge as Farz (duty and obligation not an option) is far behind in this field where in find hardly any IAS from this community. Commenting on education system he said that is unfortunate that we are still teaching the same things which were formulated many years ago. He called upon the teaching community to develop and inculcate morality among the students and called upon the students to know the importance of time as every second is important.