Sunday, April 18, 2010

Idara Adab e Islami`s One day Conference

The Jamaat e Islami Hind`s wing Idara Adab e Islami organaised one day Conference in Faraan Colleg, Gulbarga on 18.04.2010
As part of this Conference the following prgrammes are organised
1st Session:Seminar
Wel known scholars from Urdu Literature presented their papers. They are
Jb Rawoof Khair Hyderabad, presented his paper on " Adab men Tameeri rujhanat"
Jb Wahab Andalip. Gulbarga, presented his paper on "Urdu Adabi Tahrikat ek Jayeza"
Jb Aslam Ghazi, Mumbai (who did not turn up due to travelling difficulties sent his paper on " Quran ka Adabi Eizaz"
Jb Dr Zeenat ullah Javid from Nagur, presided and offered his comments on the papers presented.

2nd Session:WORKSHOP
Two of the upcomming poets presented thier art of poetry. They are Jb Ateeq Ajmal and Jb Hasan Mahemood. Comments were presented by Jb Raqwwoh Khair, Hyderabad and Jb Tabish Mehdi, Delhi.
Then three of the upcomming Afsan writers presented thier Afsane. They are Jb Yousuf Raheem Bidar, Jb Sultan Farhat and Jb Syed Sajid. Jb Amjad Javid of Nation College Gulbarga and Jb Nazim Qalili of Raichur offered thier comments on Afsane presented.
3rd Session: All India Mushayera
The All India Mushayera was organised from 9.00pm in the open ground of Faraan College in which hundreds of people gathered. The Mushayera was started with the recitation of verses from Holy Qur`an by Br Abdul Baseer Faraaz. Moulvi Mohammed Faheemuddin presented tazkeer based on islamic teachings qouting the verses from Holy Qur`an and with the help of Prophets (PBUH) sayings. Then the well known shoora like Jb Tabish Mehdi from Delhi, Jb Iqbal Qalish from Akkalkote said Naat. Jb Dr Zeenat ullah Javid from Nagpur, Jb Rawoof Khair from Hyderabad, Jb Tanha Timmapuri Rangampeth, Dr Tabish Mehdi from Delhi, Jb Masood Javid Hashmi from Hyderabad, JB Hamid Akmal Gulbarga, Jb Saber Faqruddin Yadgir, Jb Nazim Qalili Raichur, Jb Hyder Mazhari Bellari, Jb Fazal Afzal Yadgir, Jb Qaisar Razaq Raichur, Jb Masood Abdul Qaliq Gulbarga, Jb Meer Bidri Bidar, Jb Vasiullah Rahmani Gulbarga, read thier sher to the delight of hundreds of people gathered.

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