Thursday, May 13, 2010

HRS review meeting on 10.05.2010

Humanitarian Relief Society (HRS), a NGO formed in 2003 by Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka & Goa Zone to serve the people in needy especially in case of emergencies due to natural as well as human calamities. The Social service wing of the Jamaat in Karnataka has about 300 committed volunteers including 100 women who are expected to gather at one phone call to meet the emergencies. So far it has organised a number of medical camps, relief camps during Karnataka floods in October 2009, blood identification camps, Chicken Guinea camps, construction of houses to the poorest of the poor and construction of 110 houses to the poor people who lost every thing during last years flood.

The Gulbarga unit of HRS is also engaged in such activities. It has collected a huge sum of amount from the well to do people to cater to the needs of flood effected people. It has supplied about 6000 dresses donated by the people in the city to the affected. It has organised free medical camps in 5 places one which for 13 days. In the city it has a group of blood doners and on an average about 5 units of blood is being given every month to the needy.

During the visit of Janab Fauq Nahster, Sate Secretary, HRS to Gulbarga on 10.05.2010 it organised a review meeting of the volunteers to know their individual work as well as collective work. Jb Farukh Nashter said that we are doing this social work exclusively to please almighty Allah and for the success in the here after.

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