Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aao ke Maqsade Hayat ko Bedar Karen:GIO Summer Islamic Classes

A grand public meet was organised by Girls Islamic Organisation Gulbarga on Friday the 6th May 2011 at Al Ameen High School ground Jeelanabad, Gulbarga as a concluding program for the 10 day summer Islamic Classes organised by it in the city at 7 different places. Addressing the Girl students Mrs Mohsina Zarrin, Zonal Advisory council member, called upon to know their purpose of life. She said that getting higher education and getting fashioned is not the purpose. The Almighty Allah has given the life as Muslim to establish goodness in the society and eradicate evil from it. It is the best Ibadah (worship). Quoting from the Quran and Sunnah and giving the examples of Sahabiyat (R), she called upon the young girls to emulate them. The success lies in emulating their lives.
On the occasion of forthcoming Mothers Day Mrs Sirajunnisa Begum, Dist Women Organiser, JIH Gulbarga called upon to serve thier parents to please them. Pleasing them is like pleasing Allah.
Miss Saara Iqbal, City President, GIO, Gulbarga in her inaugural address said that during this summer the Islamic Classes for Girl sutdents & young women were conducted at seven different localities in the city which were attended in large numbers. Apart from Quranic & Hadees discourses, Islamic quiz, Islamic games, power point presentations, topic on evil designs, importance of dawah, social service, Jin, jaadu 7 its remedy were discussed. Bathing the Mayyat( a dead body), Nafil ibadah, Ablution procedure, problems related to menses were taught. Life stories of Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Hazrat Bila(R), Hazrat Safia bint Abdul mutalib(R), Hazarat Umme Sulaiman(R), Hazrat Fatima(R) and Moulana Moudoodi were told. Participants were memorised with a number of Dua for different occasions.

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