Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aim of Islamic Movements : Umma should become a Unit (Ummate e Wahida)

Addressing the huge gathering of the Comapnions (R), Prophet Mumahhed PBUH adised the Umma (the Muslim Community worldwide) towards two things. One to knit yourself in the bond of brotherhood and the other to hold fast to Quran and Sunna, you will be on right path. This message of Prophet Muhammed PBUM him was meant not only for those who were present there but also to all those who were not present there and also to all those who born later till the last day comes. The Muslims though in huge numbers in the word are subjected to all sorts of exploitation and deprivation and are being targeted as they have lost their weight.  Thus need of the hour is The Umma should show strength of Unity. These were the words expressed by Moulana Muhammaed Yousuf Islahi while addressing the Ulema of Gulbarga and Jamaat associated at a function organized by Gulbarga unit of Jamaat e Islami Hind at Naaz Function hall on Thursday the 16th Feb 2012.

Continuing his address he said we have committed a great mistake in history by depriving the farer sex which constitutes half of the Muslim population  with the knowledge of Deen. It was the effort of Islamic movement with establishment of Jamiatu salihat at Rampur for women, the schools Islamic learning are being established by different sects.

The contribution of great personalities like Hasan ul Banna Shaeed, with whose efforts the Islamic movements came into existence for the Establishment of Allahs deen, was killed by the evil at the tender age of 30. Another great personality from Mewat in Uttarparadesh started his movement in the hard prone area by calling people towards deen , as  result we see his followers in every country. And then comes Moulana Moudoodi, who huge literature spread all over the world in translated form brought in great revolution in thinking of young Muslims which paved the way towards establishment of Word of Allah. Moulan Yousuf Islahi said we respect all these great men and said we pray for the success to all those who follow these great leaders. Everyone has his own way of thinking. The basis of one’s thinking should be Quran and Sunna, and after that one can find his path based on Ijtehad (One`s Solution for an issue in hand). The ijtehad may differ from person to person. There may be chances of mistakes in it. However they will get double reward.

Speaking on the Importance of Unity of Umma, Moulana said, because of non existence of Unity there are problems like the issue of Phalastine. He said Islamic Movements came into existence for very purpose of Unity of Umma based on Quran and Sunna so that the whole community gets strength fight against the evil, shirk, elhad. The evil do not see you to which sect or organization you belongs, for it you are a Muslim, and just because of that you are on target. Explaining the meaning of Unity (Etehad)  he said Unity is not that you merge yourself with other but Unity is that by being to your sect, you respect others so that you become one Jamaat.
Commenting on the status of education of Muslim Umma based on Sachar Committee report, he said among those who get education, 96% goes to school and colleges and only 4% goes to madarsas. Among those madarsa goers only 20% carry on for higher education. He said Ulema constitute only 0.6% of Muslim population. Unfortunately fear has been created about these very Madarsa goers by the Batil.

Commenting on the establishment of Madarsa for women in Rampur UP, he said about 3000 girls are being imparted Islamic education and about 60-70 girls are being graduated every year as Alima Fazila. He said with great satisfaction that there is no country in the world  where you do not find the almni of this school as preachers of Islam.

The program was started with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Moulan Muhammed Siraj ul Hasan Umri. Moulana Najmuddin Hussain Umri, Asst Organizer, Majlis ul Ulema Tahreek e Islami Karnataka, delivered inaugural address.   

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