Monday, September 26, 2016

Be helpers of Allah: GIO

gio-gulbGulbarga: “Koonu Ansarullah-Be helpers of Allah” is the theme around which we should struggle on the way to pleasing Allah SWT. The Struggle in the way of Allah, should not be according to our whims and wills, but should be according to Quran and Sunnah, which are established and proven methods to please Allah SWT. There were the words expressed by Jb Mohammed Atherullah Sharief, Chief Patron, Girls Islamic Organization, Karnataka and State President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka as concluding remarks while addressing the GIO Cadre at Hidayath Center, Kalaburagi on Sunday the 25th September, 2016.
He said, the evil forces are well organized and are utilizing all resources to spread the evil in the world. To counter this menace, the Good should also be well organized using all its resources justly. The Nudity is being promoted as culture, it has become multi-million business, and the modern media is utilized to propagate it. Such evils cannot be countered unless we strictly follow the principles of Islam. Jb Atherullah said, Allah is pleased with those who strive in the way of Allah collectively and exhibit supreme model of collectiveness. Explaining about the efforts being put forth by evil to destabilize Allah’s light (guidance) in the words of Quran, he said, Allah’s light is here to get established, however, strong efforts they put in. Today, he said, people are getting impressed with the true message of Islam. Our duty is to convey its message to their hearts. He called upon the cadre to remember that Organization is not important, but to strive for the establishment of Good and to please Allah SWT, one should lead collective life and thus should be associated with such organizations. Without Collective life, the Deen is not complete, he said.
gio-gulb-3Miss. Navida Hussain Asadi, State General Secretary, GIO Karnataka, delivering the Concluding address said, We are accountable for all those who are subordinate to us and Instead of commenting on others we should concentrate on our deeds. She said, for effective & better results we should work collectively as team. For maintaining continuity in works, leadership should be evolved at every level so that vacuum is not created and the works are hampered. For an organization to prosper it should have strong and able leadership, there should be strong bonds for brotherhood among its cadre, all cadre work as team to achieve the desired results. She called upon the cadre to make their programs effective so that the new generation is motivated and get associated with it for their betterment and for the cause of Allah.
Girls Islamic Organization Karnataka organized a two day cadre convention  for the selected cadre from the districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka & Bombay-Karnataka region comprising the districts of Bidar, Kalaburagi, Yadgir, Raichur, Bijapur, Bagalkote, Belaguam, Gadag and Dharawad on 24TH & 25th September at Hidayath Center, Kalaburagi.
On the First day (24.09.2016), in the Inaugural Session, following programs were held. It was inaugurated by Jb Mohammed Atherullah Sharief, Chief Patron, GIO Karnataka. The Speeches on “Purpose of Life & Requisites”, “Islamic Movements, significance and relevance” and “Current situation of Nation and the role of GIO” were delivered by Mrs. Sabiha Patel, Ex Gen-Secretary, GIO Karnataka, Dr Mohammed Habeeb ur Rahman and Mohammed Ziaullah, Members JIH respectively.
Panel discussion on “Organizational Heath”, and “Islmaic Discourses on Women” and a program on “Study of Tahreeki personalities-Apa Hameeda Begam, Zainab ul Gazali and Dr. Fauzia Sultana” were held in the afternoon session.
gio-glb-2In the evening session, Topics “How to make GIO a need for the young women”, “Prominent women leaders of our time” and Exemplary women companion of the Prophet” were discussed by Miss. Navida Hussain Asadi, Ms. Nabeela Alams.
Quranic Study Circle on Chapter Tawba verses 38-41 were held after Namaz e Fajr of the second day of the program. Mrs Tasneem Fatima of Kalabuargi conducted the program and all the participants were involved in the discussion to learn the message of Quran in the selected verses taken as a group study.
Jb Syed Tanveer Ahmed, State Advisory Council Member, JIH Karnataka spread light on two important topics “Personality Development” Self planning for this world and Hereafter” and “Tazkia of Mind, Heart and Deeds: Why & How” in the first session of second day.
A symposium on “Opportunities & Threats in Campuses for our Mission” was held, which was presided by the Chief Patron Jb Mohammed Atherullah Shareif. In which four Members participated.
In the concluding session a speech on “Contemporary Movements among young women” was delivered by Mohammed Ziaullah, Member, JIH. An open session for question and answers was held before concluding addresses.