Monday, February 22, 2010

Lecture in Vidya Vikas D.Ed College

The Jamaat organised a lecture on "the Role of Teachers in building the society" at Vidya Vikas College of Education on 20th Feb 2010. Jb Laal Hussain Ilkal who had come for the three day Qur`aan Pravachan prgramme in the city delivered te lecture attended by first year D.Ed Students and the college staff. Jb Laal Hussain said in his lecture that the most valued, honoured profession is the teaching profession ans said that the countries safety is not in the hands of the defence personnel nor on the government but on the teachers. Teachers are the one who will mould the comming generation and thus have the great responsibility in reconstructing the society. Therefore it is thier responsibility to shape student into good human being with greater moral values based on the divine guidance. He appealed the teaching fraternity to prepare the future generation to remove the evils of in-equality, castism, regionalism, nepotism, communalism, corruotion, immorality, nudity, selfishness from the society. After the lecture many of the students expressed thier concern about degrading values in every walk of our life and expressed fear that we have reached a stage from which it is very difficult to reform the society. However Jb Laal Hussain told the students not to panic instead do the righteous thing at every movement of life and try to eradicate the evil in the society in the most patient manner. For this one should have the right knowledge of the good and the evil in the light of divine guidance.
Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President, JIH, Gulbarga welcomed the gathering and Jb Ismail Jan, Principal of the college gave the vote of thanks.

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