Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Jamaat e Islami Hind Participate in Election Process

Jb Mohammed Abdullah Javid, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka & Goa said about why jamaat participate in election process

1) We are Indians, and the constitution and democracy make us to participate in the election process. We can cleans the election process and the politics in the country

2) To promote moral values in the politics by fielding the candidates who know thie responsibility towards thier people, promises made to them, fearing Almighty Allah for the reward for the fulfillment of promises and punishment for not doing so.

3) Maintain the favourable atmosphere in the society to convey the true message of the Alimighty and also to help those who are the victims without any crime.

4) To stop fascist forces comming to power who divide people based on communal line.

5) Remove coruuption at all levels by presenting themselves as the one who can do the service without being corrupt

He also said that what type of candidates one should elect

1) One who is known in the constituensy as good server of the people without any personnel interest.

2) One who works based on isseus like the health, corruption, removal of inequality, unemployment, price rise ect and the people will judge him based on these issues.

3) One who works for making his constituency a model where in peace, brotherhood, non corruption, protection of rights are established in the constituency. He make his people to aware of thier responsibilities and tries to build better relationship with them where he and the people are well wishers of each other & vice versa.

4) One who is trend setter where people follow his modest righteous priciples.
- Puts all his effort in fulfilling promises made
- has high moral character
- peace lover, propogater of brotherhood
- good planner: best utiliser of the period to serve the people
- who works only for the pleasure & nearness of God
5) One who is disciplined soldier to serve the society for the pleasure of Allah

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