Saturday, December 25, 2010

Intensive Course for Jamat workers

An intensive course has been stareted jamaat workers from the month of October 2010. A five month course covers three books namely
  1. Tahreek e Islami Hind
  2. Tahreek aur Karkun and
  3. Tahreek e Islami men karkunon ke bahami taluqat.

Dr Mohammed Muazzam Ali with the help of power point is conducting these classes. The participants are subjected to five levels during this course.

  1. Presentation
  2. Question & answer session
  3. Self Study
  4. Interaction among the participants under the guide and
  5. Summery of the last class.


  1. Masha'Allah, May Allah Accept our deeds Ameen
    Syed Junaid, Riyadh

  2. Masha'Allah, May Allah give you best of His rewards for this excellent initiative.

    If the intensive course is regularly arranged for Jama'at karkunan and associates, it may produce great results.

    Jazakumullahu khaira,
    Syed Muti-ur-Rahman Haneef
    Doha, Qatar