Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kannada Adhyana Vartula started in Gulbarga

Gulbarga is a city with the population of about 6 lakh. Among its citizens about 50% people are Kannada speaking. To communicate with them learning of Kannada is a must. Specially when we are duty bound to convey the message of Islam to one and all it will become our duty to learn Kannada so that the message of their creator is conveyed to them effectively. Jamaat e Islami Hind is striving for this purpose since beginning.

In Gulbarga many of Jamaat associate are from Kannada background. However being the Urdu belt they hardly gen an opportunity to speak with people in Kannada. Therefore it was thought to have platform where the Kannada knowing people get an opportunity to speak, interact and learn the lessons of communication skills. Furthermore learn to understand Quran & Sunna in Kannada so that they are well versed with them to convey this message to fellow citizens.

Thus a weekly programme was started from the month of October 2010 at Islamic Book Center, Gulbarga. In this programme there will be a Quranic discourse along with speech on specific topic, Hadis discourse and recitation from Quran with Kannada translation. There will be time for interaction over the discourses given so that the speakers get an opportunity to improve themselves.

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