Monday, January 3, 2011

IBC Stall at Kalburgi Kampu

A ten day fair was organised by Sangh Parivar in Gulbarga under the theme "Kalbrurgi Kampu 2010 - Bharat Vikas Sangam III" at a huge ground near Kottal Hanuman Temple from 23rd December 2010 to 1st January 2011. During this fair a number of programmes were organised in which National Personalities like the former President of India Mr A P J Abdul Kalam addressed. As part of this fair an exhibition was also arranged. About one lakh people visited this fair daily from city, different parts of district and the state.
The Gulbarga Jamaat installed its Islamic Book Center in the exhibition for ten days in which the Islamic literature in six languages viz Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Urdu was put to display. The literature included the Translation and commentary (Tafseer) on Quran, Seerat, Hadees, and books on different titles covering different aspects of Islamic teaching .
Large number of people from different sections of the society including many dignitaries visited the stall and appreciated the presentation, involved in healthy discussion and many purchased the books of their interest.

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  1. this jamaat e islami hind only shows publicity and in this jamaat only educated and rich peoples are made members and there is no space and care for uneducated and poor peoples,this is not the way our holy prophet wants any one to do like that by selecting peoples according to education and money power.jamaat e islami only want to have name,fame their ideology is totally against the islamic ideology,the jamaat e islami only wanted power ,money,politics