Sunday, June 19, 2011

Education Awareness program at Muslim Sangh( a slum area)

Education is our identity, we should strive to get it. This was the call from Jb Mohammed Hashmatullah Khan, Ex General Secretary, SIO of India given to the parents gathered in an Educational Awareness program organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on 06.06.2011. He said the one who has knowledge and the one who doesn’t have do not be same. Islam gives at most importance to education and knowledge that in made it compulsory (Farz) for men and women to acquire. He called upon the parents to send their wards even if they were hungry. He also called upon the well off to help the poor for the cause.

Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH Gulbarga also spoke

Jamaat collected the bio data of poor students through a format. About 80 applications were received. They will be scrutinized before giving scholarships to the needy.

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