Sunday, June 19, 2011

Education Awareness program at Govt High School, MSK Mills ( a slum area)

We are identified by our foul language, misconduct, lying, backbiting, uncleanliness etc, where we should have been identifies with our knowledge and education. The were the words spoken by Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga while addressing the parents from the poor families at an awareness program organized by Jamaat at Govt Higher Primary School, MSK Mills Gulbarga on 14.06.2011. Presenting case study he said how a poor middle school drop out takes up SSLC exam with the motivation and help from fellow concerned friends and continues his education to complete diploma and Graduation in Engineering. He now is a cynosure of all people around. Therefore it is parent’s responsibility to see that their wards are properly educated. He called upon them to utilize the facilities provided by Government in the form of Free books, uniform ,mid day meal.

Speaking on the occasion Mrs Shahida Nasreen, Block CRP called upon the parents to send their children even if they were hungry so that they can not only become better earner also become good citizens. She called upon the mothers to take up education for themselves.

Mr Shujaudding, the Head Master welcomed the guests. Jb Yousuf Khan, Dr Salauddin, Mr Nazeer Ahmed, HDMC President, teachers and a large number of parents were present

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