Monday, December 26, 2011

Mohammed Zaheeruddin elected Gulbarga Regional SIO President

Br Mohammed Zaheeruddin, a Final year Mechanical Engineering student from KBN Engineering College Gulbarga has been elected The Regional President of SIO Gulbarga Region in an election held on Sunday the 25th December 2011 in Gulbarga. The Gulbarga Region comprises the districts of Bidar, Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Bijaur and Bagalkote. The SIO members from the region comprise the electoral body. The election were held under the supervision of Jb Tahir Hussain, Joint Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka and Br Mohammed Ashfaque, Secretary SIO Karnataka Zone.

Br Mohammed Zaheeruddin from a hmble back ground hails from Laal giri in Gulbarga. The eldest son of  PA to Tahsiladr (Rtd) Jb Mohammed Baqar, dropped his education after 8th standard due to lack of interest while studying in Government School to work in garages. He developed skills in hydraulic works and  was cynosure of all in the field at that age. When he came in contact with members and associates of SIO and he was motivated to continue his education, he pursued his acadamic carrier and appeared for SSLC examination. He then completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering the field he was interested. After completing Diploma in 2008 he Joined KBN Engineering College after getting selected in the Entrance Examinations.

He Joined SIO during this period, learnt the organization well with reading literature and in companionship of senior members of SIO. Became its member and shoulder the responsibility of Unit President in 2008, City President in 2009 to look after the 5 units which comprises city format, and later in the year 2011 he was made the District Organizer of Gulbarga.

Known for his Hard Work, though not prolific speaker, has the capability to motivate the young and the children to join religious classes and introduces them about the organization he belongs. He has great organizational capacity.

He has three brothers and four sisters at home along with his parents. Being the eldest son of the family he could influence over them with his knowledge, piety and Islamic spirit to bring them towards the right path free from all Bida. He is a cynosure of the community in the area where he lives, influencing the youth in a such way that they are not only abstaining from the wrong or bad habits, but are also joining the  organization in large numbers.

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