Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Corner meetings marked the beginning of Campaign in Gulbarga

As part of the state wide campaign “Towards Evil Free Society” a number of corner meetings have been organized in different parts of the city. The message of the campaign was conveyed. The speakers spoke either in Urdu or Kannada depending upon the locality. A large number of the general public gathered and many more from their shops, residents heard the message.

It was conveyed to them that the society by and large has engulfed in number of evils like drinking of liquors, taking and giving of interest based loans, foul spending, lavish life style, greed, violence, injustice, oppression, discrimination, dishonesty, deception, duplicity, adulteration,  black marketing, and other such unhealthy practices to earn money in short time.

Corruption is issue being talked about intensively now days. It has engulfed the society from the village to the Capital of the country. No work can be extracted without pondering penny. As a result huge money is being transferred to a few lots who are enjoying the luxuries of the world. Where as a huge population is even divide of basic needs.

To eradicate all evils including corruption it is must that man should know his status in this world. He should know that he is accountable to the Almighty Allah the creator of all. The day will come we are presented to the all powerful Almighty. The life in this world is not permanent; instead it is an examination period where we are tested to whether we are obeying the commandments of the creator.

For this one should think of himself first. Self assessment is the beginning to change the society towards right path. Everyone should be determined to cleanse his life before sets out to put society in order.

Secondly, Evil grows only when people remain silent spectators. Therefore it is the duty of the people with good sense to raise their voice and declare their intentions against evil and organize themselves to eradicate it.

Thirdly, a common minimum program has to be initiated with likeminded people from all communities to fight against evil in the society.

And finally, Only law cannot change the society. The root problem is lack of God consciousness, sense of accountability to God and indifference to divine injunctions brought to us by the prophets to govern our life.

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