Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women`s Convention on"Women`s Modesty: Who`s Responsible?"

The day when a lonely women walks freely through the streets is the day we actually earned freedom. These were the thoughts expressed by Mrs Shahanaz M, editor of women’s monthly  Anupama from Mangalore, while presiding over a functions Convention organized by Women`s wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga at Mohammadi Function Hall on Sunday the 20th January 2013 as part of their week long campaign on “Women`s Modesty: Who`s Responsible?”.  She said now a days a women or a girl is feared to board a bus or train as she is being targeted, molested or raped. She said the main reason for the sexual atrocities on women is her code of conduct especially the dress code. The modest women with decent dress code are unlikely to be targeted. What is the need for her to go out in search of employment when men can look after them, she asked. Queting the sayings of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, she said the prophet never stressed much upon the offering of namaz or zakat instead he stressed for obtain from alcoholism as the alcohol is the root cause of all evils.

Speaking as the Chief Guest at the function Mrs Shivaganga Ruma, the Professor  & Head of the Department of Kannada, Central University, Gulbarga said the real fact is that the women is stronger than men. They are equal.

Mrs Kausar Fatima, member, JIH Gulbarga, came on strongly on women & girls going out late night, wearing tight clothes, clothes with simulative slogans, as she felt were the main reasons for the sexual atrocities on women.

Mrs Saliha Tabassum, Organizer women`s wing, delivering the inaugural address explained about the objectives of the campaign being taken out in the city

The program was started with the recitation of Quran by Ms Hafiza Syeda Aayesha, its Kannada translation was read by Mrs Fauzia Ali. Ms Firdouse Khanaum and Syeda Nausheen sang the song.

Mrs Fauzia Ali was the coordinator of the program.  

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