Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Muslim Umma should perform the duty of calling the people to Righteous path

Brotherhood, unity and togetherness are the prime requirements and the Umma overcoming its all differences should perform the bound duty of calling people towards deen, the righteous path. These were the words expressed by Jb Zakir Hussain, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga while delivering the concluding address at a day Long Conference at Al-Falah Function Hall, Islamabad Colony, Gulbarga on Sunday the 26th February 2014. He called upon the people to serve humanity along with performing the duties of the Almighty Allah. He especially called upon the youth to emulate Islamic character.

Delivering the special address JB Syed Abdul Haseeb, Hubli, member State Advisory Council, JIH Karnataka said, the message of all the prophets was same that is to establish deen and obey to the commandments of the almighty.   And the same duty is transferred to the Umma, the muslim community after Prophet Muhammed PBUH, as no prophet is being sent now. He said, our country has similar idealogy and culture as was found in Makka and Arabia, when Prophet Muhammed pbuh started to convey the message of Allah. He said with the Islamic thought & ideology we can bring in a desirable change here.

The program was started with the Quranic verses. Delivering the lesson from the Chaper Al Haj 77-78, Jb Mohammed Yousuf Khan, called upon the participants to regularly offer Namaz, obey the commandments, do good to please Allah to get the virtual success. He said Allah SWT has called upon the believer to struggle for the establishment of deen for this cause only it has been created. Thus it is the greatest responsibility we have on our shoulders.

Speaking on the topic “Government: source of Good & Bad” Jb Mohammed Mazharuddin said, it is because of the policies and ideology of the people in Government, all the bad things like licensing of bars and flesh trade, establishment of interest based banks, etc which are harmful to the society, are being promoted. Instead should the Islamic ideology is promoted, and the people in government are bound by the fear of Allah and feel accountable before the almighty, the state will be a welfare state where in every one rights are assured and there will be peace in the society.

Speaking on “Organization, its place & Importance in Islam”, Jb Syec Sajid Saleem, said that its clear from the teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammed pbuh, a Muslim should not lead a life of an Individual but should be associated with organization (Ijtemayiyath) as one becomes a pray to the Satan (Shiatan), if left alone. The Namaz, Roza, Zakat & Haj teach us to laed a life collectively.  Even if 3 person go on a tour, Islam advises it believers to make a team with one among them as its leader. Similarly to meet the requirements of Deen one has to lead the life collectiveness.

Giving a presentation on Power Point on the topic “ Aqamate Deen, meaning & methodology”  Jb Mohammed Ziaulla, said explained the meaning of Aqamat & deen. Aqaamt he said to make it perfect and the deen means the way of life as propogated by Almighty in Quran and as taught by the last messenger Prophet Muhammed pbuh. And it is the duty of Umma to put all its energies to establish this deen on the nations where they live.

Jb Mohammed Abdul Qader gave Dars e Hadees on “Thought of Life after death”, He said its one of prime beliefs in Islam that one after death is brought in front of the Almighty for the accountability of the deeds he/she has done in the world. He explained with many examples how the Companions of Prophet pbuh were worried of the Day of Judgment.

Jb Syed Tanvir Hashmi spoke on “Elections & our responsibility. He said we mean the responsibility of Umma. He said first of all we should know that the Almighty has created us for a purpose. That is to establish peace. And our every act shoud be towards establishment of peace. Similarly even in election our efforts should be towards establishing good government. So that the law and order is established, rights of the people are saved, and no citizen is deprived of his/her rights and able to lead a just life. Apart from this, if Umma cannot fights for any cause.

Jb Mohammed Iqbal Ali while delivering the inaugural address in the morning after Quranic discourse explained the importance of organizing such conferences and also explained about the activities of Jamaat e Islami Hind. 

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