Monday, September 13, 2010

Lecture at Basava Samiti Shahabad

On an invitation from the Basava Samiti of Bhankur, Shahabad to deliver a Pravachan as part of their month long Pravachan programme during the month of Shravan, Jb Mohammed Ziaullah, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga delivered a lecture on the Message of Islam to Humanity.

The prgrammes was Presided by Swamy(Miss) Omkarewshwari, Banglore, who had come here to organize month long Pravachan Programme at Shahabad. Among the others present were the President of Basava Samiti, Shahabad and President, JIH, Shahabad jb Abdul Wahid.

Delivering the address to the audience mostly comprising of Lingayat men and women, Jb Ziaullah called to worship their creator instead of the one created by them. The Almighty Allah is not only the Lord or God of Muslims as is generally believed. Allah is the one who has created the heavens and the earth and the things between them. He is the one who created the human beings. He is "the one, eternal, absolute, he is neither the son of any one nor he has any children and none is like him". He is the living, self subsisting; supporter of all, no slumber can seize him nor needs any sleep or rest. Therefore man has to submit, subjugate himself to one Lord Allah. It is against his dignity that man bows other simple creations and human beings like him.

He said man has been guided right from the very beginning of the human existence on earth as the very first human being was the first Prophet, who guided his off springs under divine guidance from Allah. Prophet Mohammed PBUH is the last messenger from Allah. Prophet Mohammed has not founded any new religion in the name of Islam. But Islam is the religion founded by the first man on earth Hazrat Adam. All the prophets have spread the forgotten message under divine guidance.

He said that Ramazan is the month in which Quran was revealed for the guidance of the whole of mankind, which gives clear guidance and judgment between the right and the wrong, between the truth and the false. Is the book which states that the whole of humanity is knit with the bond of brotherhood as it says that the human beings are created from one man and his companion one woman and from them he created a number of communalities and groups so that they are identified. The best among them is the one with most God fearing and the follower of truth.

Allah commands justice, doing of good and giving the kith and kin and he forbids all indecent deeds and evil and rebellion. Quran guides goodness and evil are not equal, repel the evil with better than you will see that your most hatred will become the best friend. Quran upholds the human dignity and says the killing of one innocent human being is like killing the whole of humanity and the saving the one is like saving the humanity.

Quran says death is not the end of life. There is life after death in which our deeds are rewarded by the almighty. We do not see justice in this world. Righteous are not rewarded and the evil doers are never punished. Quran says the day will come where in all the people are presented in the court of the Lord of Lords.

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  1. ..and yet all that Islam has ever represented and still represents is intolerance, forced conversions, indecent deeds, brutality and inhuman atrocities throughout its spread its infection in this world. the logic presented in defence of its legitimacy is nothing short of rhetoric, one that any cult or belief system can lay claim to with equal measure. time and again, history has recorded the bloody rise and fall of such cults and so it shall continue to be