Sunday, September 12, 2010

Iftaat Parties at Gulbarga Police Stations

The Iftaar Parties were organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga in

  1. M.Basaveshwaranagar Police Station,
  2. Chouk Police Station and
  3. Roza(B) Police Stations during the month of Ramazan.
    The message of Ramazan, the importance of Roza (fasting) and the guidance from the almighty Allah in the form of Qur`aan conveyed to the staff of these police stations. The basic teachings of Islam viz., Unity of God, Prophethood and the Life after death were presented with logical reasoning. The concept of brotherhood in the light of Qur`aan explained. They were told that the Qur`aan is not the holy book of Muslims but it is the book revealed by your Lord for your guidance and for the whole of humanity and appealed to read it.

Mr Kallu Devaru, the Police Inspector, M.Basaveshwarnagar Police Station said that one should encourage such prgrammes which will remove misconceptions about each other and make way for better understanding between the communities.

The Police officers from Chouke Police Station expressed their views that Qur`aan is a wonderful book. One will get peace if it read. Therefore it should be read by one and all.

Mr Rajanna, Police Inspector, Roza(B) Police Station said in his speech that we newer new that so many things are related with fasting and Ramazan and said that he was impressed by the teachings of Qur`aan. He said one should get good things wherever he finds them and said even our constitution has a provision to accept and practice good things from wherever you find.

The Police Officer from all these stations were given The Qur`aan with Kannada Translation and the other staff members were given the book " Vadeyana Kare" (the Lords Call).

It was observed that even during odd hours when there no light in Chouk Piloce Station and it was raining at Roza(B) Police Stations the police staff braved to remain seated till the end of the programme which lasted for about one our.

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