Friday, February 18, 2011

Khair e Ummat Campaign : Inaugural prgogram on 03.02.2011

Inaugural program of Khair e Ummat Campaign on 03.02.2011
Today the whole of humanity if encountered by a number of problems. The noble characters of goodness, degradation of values are at the helms of affairs right from the village to national levels. Under these circumstances it the duty of each and every muslim to call the fellow citizens to the path of Allah. These were the words expressed by Mr Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, Gulbarga Zonal Organizer, at an Inuagural prgramme of Khair e Ummat Campaign at Gulbarga on 3rd of February 2011 at Naaz Function Hall. He said that not many of the fellow citizen are aware of the righteous teachings of Islam as a result they a number of misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. He said we have a belief that Islam is the only religion which can show the right path to all the human beings and it has the solution to all the problems faced by the humanity. Therefore it is the duty of the Ummah to present Islam as an alternative to the present ways of life.
Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga while addressing the gathering said the Alimighty Allah has explained to the Ummah about their duties and responsibilities in Chapters Al Baqra, Aali Imran, Al Nisa and Al Maeda. In chapter 2:143 it is said that the ummah has been given the high position as a Justly Balanced Ummah, so thaey should obey Allah and his messenger, carry the guidance to the others, else liable to the strict answers in the Hereafter. In chapter 3:110 Allah syas about ummah that “ You are now the best people brought forth for (the guidance and reform of) mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.” And in Chpater 4:135 Believers! Be upholders of justice, and bearers of witness to truth for the sake of Allah, and in Chapter 5:8 Allah says to believers that “Oh Believers! Be upright bearers of witness for Allah” Therefore Jamaat e Islami Hind has under taken this campaign to bring in an awreness among the muslims about their duties of calling the fellow citizens towards Allah, performing the duty of Shahadat e alannas (witness unto mankind) and to perform this duty they should inculcate superior character which is a must to perform noble duties. He called upon the people to participate in large numbers in different programs organized by Jamaat in the city which include two grand public meetings, Mushayera, Special program for Youths, essay competition and a number of tea parties in different localities of the city.

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