Monday, February 21, 2011

Concluding program of Khair e Ummat Campaign at Muslim Chouk, Gulbarga on 12.02.2011

Duties of prophet hood to be performed by Muslims.
It is the duty of every Muslim to introduce the Almighty Allah and his Prophet Mohammed PBUH to one and all. These are the words conveyed by Mr S Ameen ul hasan, Member Central Advisory Counicl, Jamaat e Islami Hind while addressing the huge gathering at Muslim Chouk in Gulbarga on 12th February 2011. Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga had organized a grand Concluding Programm of the Khair e Ummat Campaign. He said even today drunken people like Akhtar Sheerani a poet, and a village student from Tunisia love the Prophet PBUM to such an extent that they cannot tolerate any sort of blasphemy in this regard. He said the coming of prophets to the world has ended but not the duties of prophet-hood. This responsibility has now transferred to the Muslim Community. This duty has to be performed by each and every one. If it is not done by them, Allah who has the supreme powers will bring in people like ugly black Abdullah from Tamil Nadu or former NATO executive like Mr Murad Halfmon, after giving them the hidayah (divine guidance). He called on the muslim community to 1) spread the teachings of islam, 2) love human beings. These were the two things which our beloved prophet did in Macca period. Referring the example given by Moulana Farooq Khan he said the one who about whom the bad things are spread may not be a bad man as it is to be investigated, but the one who spreads bad things about him is definitely a bad man as his badness has already proved. He said while continuing his address that the frist thing the Prophet PBUH did on his arrival in Madina was constructing of Masjid Nabavi and made it a hub of all activities, where in all issues relating to the community were brought in and solved. He called upon the muslims to give the proper place to the Masjids and make them the center of all community activites where in people can bring their problems. The second thing the Prophet PBUH did in Madina was bringing in together people from all religions through agreement in which all the people from Madina were made to protect one another at the time of crisis. And called the Ummah in India to strengthen the bonds with people of different faiths. The third things the Prophet PBUH did after coming to Madaina was the establishment of Madina Market a parallel market along with the market of Jews. The Jews market interest based and the Madina Market was free from interest based lending. As a result the people who did`nt had any penny becom billianair in no time. These were the fruits of Islamic business. S Ammenul hasan called Indian Muslims to get the Indian economy free from the clutches of Interest. At the same time he called to get rid of unislamic rituals, dowry system, domestic violence, engulfing of property (meeras), infant foeticide.
Moulana Vasiullah Rahmani, Khateeb o Imam, Masjid e Aiwan Shahi, addressing the gathering said one obey and follow the Prophet PBUM him to that extent he loves him. You love the Prophet to such an extent the good is spread in the society. He said Allah has made the muslim community the best community in the world, so it should do the best for the world. Prefix is given to any community based on it deeds, its character, its performance, its duties. If we are able to communicate the message of the Prophet to the masses that we can say that we can be called Best community.
Moulana Abdul Rasheed Kamil, Head Master, Deeniya Madarsa, Dargah Hazrat Gesudaraz ( R ) said, there is no humanity to be seen today. Our duty is to promote humanity. It is the duty of Muslims to sread good things and remove bad and evil things from the society. Hazrat Gesudaraz ( R ) came to Gulbarga to perform this duty. He called upon the people to become the tree which gives shade even after being in the sun light. He said Quran commands to speak good, develop good character.

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