Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Public meeting on Khair e Ummat Campaign at MSK Mills on 05.02.2011

Khair e Ummah is not a medal but a great responsibility. Every school of thought should perform this duty:
When the people of this country have accepted communism from Russia, capitalism from the West, and others cultures from different people who came to this country, then they will likely to accept the Deen e Haq if it is presented. These were the thoughts expressed by Mr Mohammed Atharullah Sharies, State Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka while addressing the huge gathering at a grand public meeting organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on 5th February 2011 at an open ground in MSK Mills area. He said, Hazrat Khaja Gesudaraz (R) who had come to Gulbarga a long ago tp perform the duty of Khair e Umma as a result the devine light from the Alimighty spread here which can be seen even today. The same duty has to be performed by us today so that the people from darkness can have the sight of the light from their creator. He said our beloved country is facing a number of problems. The effects of these problems have to be faced by one and all whether one is a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or a Christ. The country which proud to be called agriculturist country has seen 17336 farmers committing suicide death in the year 2009-10 itself. Every child born in this country is burdened with huge loan. There are 40 crore people in this country whose daily income is less tham Rs 20.00 and are forced to live under below poverty line. He said there was a time when the system of Zakat was in practice, the wealthy people use to search for poor people who can be given zakat. This country now needs such economic system where in the people are freed from the evil of interest based economy. Talking about conveying the message of Allah to fellow beings, he said whenever the divine guidance is presented to the people here, it received wide acceptance. He said how a common man a youth who enlightened the fundamentalist to accept his guiltiness by mere giving respect and serving him in a jail thinking that he is elderly person. The message of peace Deen e Haq is presented to people like Lakxminarayan , can change his life, why should we not convey this message to one and all. He said we should not become hurdle to the unbelievers. He called people believing in different schools of thought ( Maktab and masalak) to spread whatever the message you believe in to be right to the masses so that they are freed from the fire of hell and we are rewarded by the almighty for performing this noble duty which once used to be performed by the Ambiya (the messengers of Allah).
Addressing the gathering Moulana Jameel Ahmed Siddique from Madarsa Deeniya, Dargah Hazrat Khaja Gesudaraz ( R ), said higher the post higher the responsibility one has. Similarly, Ummah has the supreme duty of conveying the message of the creator to the fellow beings. The Almighty Allah has called Ummah as Khaire Umma i.e., you are the best community which means it is like honey bee, which collects nectar from different flowers and plants and produces honey. Similarly ummah has to follow the teachings of Islam and become witness on to mankind. It looks that the millat is divided, but he said that when there are few people there will be differences. But they do duty as the honey bee.
Moulana Syed Misbah ul Hasan of Darul Uloom Sikandariya, addressing the gathering said, the community of Bani Israil was dismissed from this responsibility when it became inefficient and forgor its duty and onto its place the community of Mohammed PBUM was brought. As long as this community performs this duty it will be Khair e Ummah. Recalling the pages from history Moulana said, when the morality of the muslim community was lost it was subjugated in Spain, and the pride in themselves brought in Tatar in Baghdad. Therefore the muslim community should perform the duty of Spreading of goodness and removing of evil from the society. For this the ummah has to present supreme moral character. He said that was a time a muslim women guides her husband not to go for illegal earning even after starving for three days. He quoted an example of a businessman who sends back his customer to the neighboring vendor who didn’t have any business that day. He said if our neighbor is not happy with us the Namaz, Roza, Zakat and Haj will not be of any use. He called upon the muslim community to invite people to the subjugate their lord, instead of its creations, and perform the duty of spreading good things and eradicating evil and bad things from the society.

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