Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dawati Ijtema on 22nd December 2013

You are invited to the
One day Dawati Ijtema
(one day conference) 
At Mohammadi Function Hall, MSK Mills, Gulbarga 
On Sunday the 22nd December 2013
From 10.45am to 04.10pm

The Program

Quranic Discourse on 
"Surah Alhaj 77-78"
Jb Syed Sajid Saleem 

Inaugural Address
Jb Mohammed Mazharuddin

Speech on
“Importance of Collective Life in Islam” 
Jb Mohammed Ziaullah

Speech on
“Effect of System of Governance 
on the life of an individual” 
Jb Syed Tanveer Hashmi

Speech on
“Aqamat e Deen(Establishment of Devine Rule), 
Meaning and Requirements”
Jb Mohammed Yousuf Khan

Hadees Discourse on
“Frikr e Akhirat (Fear of Life after Death)”
Jb Rafeeq Khan Durani

Speech on
“Recent Election and Our Stand (Policy)”
Jb Abdul Quddus

Concluding Address
Jb Zakir Hussain, 
President JIH Gulbarga

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