Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be attached with Quran to Change yourself and Society: M Abdullah Javid

Ramazan is the month for our training and personality development. It is the month of mercy, forgiveness and freedom from the fire of hell. One should utilize this opportunity to his or her best. The Holy Quran says “Believers, why do you profess that which you do not practise? It is most loathsome in the sight of Allah that you should profess what you do not practise.”(61:2-3)

These were the words expressed by Mr Mohammed Abdullah Javid, State President Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka while addressing the weekly conference of the Local Unit at Masjid e Aiwan Shahi on Sunday the 28th August 2011. It was also attended by the members and associates of Students Islamic Organization of India.

He said one should have an action plan to get maximum out of it. This is the month of revelation of Holy Quran. We should bring it in our discussions every now and then. This will develop an attachment with it. This attachment will help us to change ourselves and the society. This is true especially for those who are associated with Islamic movements.

He said Quran is our basic requirement. If it is not read and understood, we will be failing both in this world and in the life here after. He said The Holy Quran is the dining table of Allah SWT. On the dining table one like to have the food of his choice frees himself from hunger. Therefore one should try to get utmost from the Holy Quran.

He said it the rope of Allah SWT. Its one end is with Allah SWT and the other end is for us. One should try to hold fast this rope. That means one should hold fast to the guidance from the Holy Quran. One should go in depth in learning Quran so that his attachment with Allah SWT is strengthened. The life will bloom only when the space is given for Quran in our heart. Prophet Muhammed PBUH said that heart is like vacant house, when there is no Quran in it. He said one should try to by-heart it and said we do not forget it but we are made to forget if we are not attached with it.

To get benefitted from the Holy Quran

  1. One should know what is Quran? The whole universe demonstrates whatever Allah SWT has said in it. The Sun and the Moon are bounded to a specific path. Before rising the Sun ask for permission to rise from Allah SWT. And the day will come when Allah SWT do not give permission. Therefore we should demonstrate in our life what Quran says.

The Bird has been provided with all capabilities to meet the requirement for which it has been created. Similarly we are also provided with all capabilities to fulfill the requirement given by Allah.

He said Allah SWT is most merciful and beneficent. He is not cruel. We should develop these characters.

The Birds look innocent. Prophet Muhammed PBUH said Allah SWT will order one group to go to Jannah whose hearts are like birds. And the birds never carry their food along with them. Allah SWT nourishes every creation. .

He called upon to give a thought of Rain, mountains etc. Rain exhibits the mercies from the Almighty. Rain brings life to the barren land and it helps to get our grains etc. Mountains exhibit the mercy of Allah SWT as the Quran says mountains have prevented the earth from tilting.

  1. He called upon to practice the theory taught. The one who practices is actually the servant of Allah SWT. Each and every creation in this universe is doing what it is made to do. Similarly, if the human being obeys and prays Allah SWT is like fulfilling their duties. Therefore one should exhibit patience, the Fasting in the month of Ramzan trains patience. If one shows patience means he is expects mercy from the Almighty. Quran says to speak good with people. It says to establish Salah (Namaz). Similarly, whatever it expects us to do, Ramzan trains us. Therefore, whatever we have learnt are gained should reflect in remaining eleven months.

He said, Quran shows the path of practice and shows the right path. It also shows the means to practice. It also explains about what we get if practiced. As it says if you spend one rupee you will get reward upto seven hundred.

To get guidance from the Holy Quran one should be pious and want to change himself towards the better. Therefore our heart should be soft. One should always try to train his heart for which one has to develop love with Allah SWT, practice what is taught, protect it from bad thoughts.

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