Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Message of Ramazan : Know & Obey your creator

An Iftar Party was organized by SIO`s North unit at Vidya Vikas D.Ed College in Gulbarga on Wednesday the 24th August 2011. It was attended by the Principal, staff and students both boys and girls of the college. The program was started with the recitation of Quranic Verses by Br Abdul Baseer.

Addressing on the occasion Br Sarfraz, member SIO, explained about the tenants of Islam. He said the creation of this world, its beauty, its stability, the binding force between the heavenly bodies making them to track the known path, the peace in the universe, indicate that there is a creator and the creator is one and only one. Even our own body, its functioning many times surprises us is its creation. He is called Allah, the Almighty. He said prophets were sent from him to guide the humanity towards the right path. There will be a day when all our deeds are judged in the Supreme Court of the Almighty Allah. Allah, the know-er of even the murmuring of our tongue and the thoughts emanating from our heart will reward for our deeds. He said the Holy Quran is the book sent by the creator for the guidance of humanity. It is not only the holy book of only Muslims, but is the book for all those who would like to be guided by their creator.

Presiding over the function Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President, JIH, Gulbarga called upon the people to know their creator. It is the fear of him and the accountability only will guide us to the right path. The world today is behind materialism which has created selfishness in human beings,. As a result we find man not scared of looting the fellow beings, encroaching upon others rights, fooling the others. He thinks that he can do any thing and no body is to ask him for his deeds. This very concept of life has brought in inequality in the society, the huge gap between the rich and the poor, lawlessness, cheating are the order of the day. Islam has clear concept of life after death in which the deeds of this world are judged and rewarded. This fear of accountability will bring in a sort of responsibility in human beings. This fear of the God should be felt all the time. The Fasting in the month of Ramazan inculcate this awareness.

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