Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iftar Party at SP Office of Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement

Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga organized an Iftar Party for the staff of the Office of the Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement in Gulbarga on Sunday the 14th August 2011. It was Presided by Mr LN Uplaonkar, Superintendent Of Police of the Department. Mr Vijay Anchin, the Inspector, and Mr Mohammed Ziaullah President JIH Gulbaraga were the chief guests.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Mohammed Abdul Qader said, hystory is witness to the fact that all the sants, munis, social reformers never questioned the existence of God the Almighty. Sant Kanadas`s childhood story may the best example for it. In fact it is also a fact that we cannot deny the existence of God Scientifically. Similarly the holy Quran revealed on Prophet Mohammed PBUH in the month of Ramazan also conveys the message of the unity of God. It calls a great sin to worship worldly creations, fellow human beings, and other thins beside Allah for he never forgives. He said that Quran calls for a belief in the life after death. Without which a person will never get justice due to him. The world is for his test and the result and the reward or punishment for the deeds in this world awarded only after death.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vijay Anchin expressed his thankfulness for organizing such a holy prgram in his office for his colleagues. And said that he came to know many thins about Islam Quran and Ramazan.

Presiding over the function Mr Uplaonkar the Superintendent of Police of Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement, said that one should always worship the almighty. He also expressed his gratitude for arranging this program in his office.

During the Iftar, he was briefed about the social equality and the Islamic economic system and the Zakaat. He was very impressed.

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