Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AIITA program at Gulbarga

Gulbarga Unit of All India Ideal teachers association organized Iftar Party to its members and other teachers on Monday the 15the August 2011 at Islamic Book Center. Speaking as a chief guest Mr Mohammed Ziaullah, President JIH Gulbarga said the very purpose of coming of prophets to this world is to purify the souls and make people worthy of pleasing the Almighty Allah. Qur`aan clearly says that "He it is Who has sent to the gentiles a Messenger from among themselves, one who rehearses to them His verses, purifies their lives, and imparts to them the Book and the Wisdom although before that they were in utter error". He said the Prophet Muhammad was the Supreme Teacher of Humanity who with wisdom changed the tribes of Arabia, who once were not likened to be ruled by the then super powers, to such an extent that they became the leading community in the world. Such sunnah has to be performed by the teachers of today so that they can purify the souls in the form of their students. Talking about the importance of Ramazan he said the Ramazan comes in our life every to for the very purpose of purification of our souls. The revelation of Holy Qran in this month is for the very same purpose. Both are for producing piety.

Introducing AIITA Br Qalid Parvaz said, AIITA is National Teachers Organization striving for better educational and moral atmosphere in the educational institutions, to purify the educational system from clutches of ignorance and inculcate moral islamic values, to change the lifestyle of teaching community on the guidelines of Quraan and sunnah, to guide the student community for right thinking, right knowledge, and right morality etc.

The program was attended by AIITA`s Dist President Mr Khaja Moinuddin, City President Mr Azeezuddin and other teachers.

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