Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Youm ul Quran in Masjid e Mahebus, Gulbarga

The very purpose of the month of Ramazan and the revelation of Holy Quran is to inculcate and develop piety, the fear of God called Tqawa. Piety is not thing which can be exhibited by way of dress or behavior. But piety is the one in which one fears Allah SWT in all his activities throughout his life. These were words expressed by Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, Regional Organizer, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga Region, while addressing the Youm ul Quran (the Day of Quran) program after Juma Namaz at Jamia Masjid Mahebus on Jumat ul Vada (Last Friday of Ramzan) in Gulbarga on 26th August 2011. Addressing the huge gathering he called upon the muslims to evaluate themselves about whether they have upgraded their Taqwa through this month. Unfortunately he said after passing through Ramzan for many years there is no noticeable change in the Millat which can be put to change this world. Instead we are subjugated any all walks of life. The reason for this he said that we have no clear objective to attain Taqwa as the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said evey act depends upon the objectives you set.

Quoting the examples from Holy Quran he said, many of the communities in the past have been punished by the Almighty for the reasons, 1) Not recognizing the bounties given by the Almighty, 2) Subjugating themselves before false Gods, 3) Human Rights violation, 4) Not preying to the Almighty, 5) Misbehaving with the Prophets of the time, 6) Mutual misunderstanding among themselves, 7) develop evil characters in themselves.

He called upon the Muslims 1) To become the pure servants of Allah, 2) Be regular in offering worship., namaz, fasting etc, 3) Call people towards right path, 4) Prevent themselves from illegal earnings, 5) Make day today transactions in accordance with Quran and Sunnah, 6) try to reform the society

Recalling about the Madani Society he said

1) it was based on brother hood, in which the Muhajir and the Ansar were tied with the bond of brother hood in such a way that they were ready to sacrifice anything for their brothers. The became one community The UMMAH,

2) They had clear concept of Life and death. They knew that this life is temporary and the life after death is forever and one has to put effort to be successful in the life after death. Thus, they loves this life to the least and were ready to sacrifice everything whether it is their wealth or their life itself.

3) They exhibited top most character. They valued the fellow human beings. They respected. They treated them with mercy and love. Even the animals were loved. People use to understand Islam by seeing the life of the Muslims.

4) They had the clear concept of what to earn. They were clear about the lawful and illegal earning and tried to abstain from all sort of illegal earnings. They never abstained from worldly pleasure but rightfully.

5) They tried to maintain peace and harmony in the society. This is affected when the society become corrupt.

6) The community was established based on strong principles where the parents were respected, loved, served. The wives and children were given their due share, the neighbors had their rights, every one tried to serve the society.

7) Politically the rule of Allah was established. Its laws were implemented and the every citizen had the equal rights.

He called upon the Muslim Ummah to inculcate these values as shown by the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammed PBUH. This is the very purpose for which the Holy Quran was revealed and the month of Ramazan was given so that the Muslims understand the lords word and put to practice.

He also called upon them to attach themselves with Holy Quran and give it a place in their hearts so that the love of this world is minimized, think of the life here after, make oneself ready for death before it comes.

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