Friday, August 26, 2011

Purpose of Fasting:Purifying the soul to please the Almighty Allah

The man has instinct to do good as well as bad things. The physical body always instigate him to do what ever he can to meet its desire where as the soul in him prevents him to do all those wrong things. Thus the fasting promote the virtues and eliminate bad habits from the us if we do fasting with awareness. These were the words spoken by Mr Mohammed Ziaullah President JIH Gulbarga in an Iftar Party organized by Shahabad unit of Jamaat e Islami Hind on Sunday the 21st Augsut 2011 at Shams Function hall Shahabad. It was attended by many of the well known personalities from Shahabad including businessmen, lecturers, employees of Alstrem Co. He said One if do not succeed in eliminating bad habits from him according to Prophet Muhammad PBUM`s saying will nat get anything apart from hunger and thirst. He said Prophet Muhammad PBUM has promised Heaven (Jannah) for those who promise to protect their organs between their jaws and between their thigh. Calling people to read Quran he said this is not the holy book of Muslims. But it is the book for the ones who want to be guided from their creator.

Welcoming the gathering Mr Abdul Waheed President JIH Shahabad said Ramazan is the month in which our creator revlealed the book of guidance to the whole of humanity called The Quran.

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